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Fear Not

DAY 3 - Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Topic: FEAR NOT!

BIBLE READING: Matthew 14:22-33, Genesis 45:1-15

Year 2015 is one of the years that people fears mostly Nigerians and African due to the political and insurgency constrain that is going on. For instance, 2015 is a year that Nigeria election will hold, and Zambia will also hold her elections.

Year 2015 is a picture of the year when Joseph make himself known to his brothers in the land of Egypt – Genesis 45:1-15. Happened by then will be our focus and prayer bombs for today.

What happened during the days of Joseph in Egypt?
Let us consider some major things that happened to the world economy during the time that Joseph make himself known to his brothers, and we shall compare it with today’s world.

Ø     There is famine in the world by then – Genesis 45:6, 47:13. The entire world experience famine for some years. This year 2015, the whole world is experience down fall in crude oil; Nigeria petrol price is coming down from N97 to N87 per liter, and the world crude oil price is down from 115US Dollar to 55US Dollar in the first month of the year. There is scarcity of money in the society, many contractors were own, salary earners are not paid, etc.

Ø     Increment of poverty around the world – Genesis 45:11. There is no doubt that the entire world now is experience growth of poverty, no nation is left out.

Ø     Joseph’s brothers feared Joseph not to killed them for what they have done to him (sold him) – Genesis 45:3, 50:15. Around the world today, every nation and everyone fears of being killed either by boko haram, insurgency, armed robbers, kidnappers, assassinators, human beings stealers, etc. In Matthew 14:26-31, disciples feared storms and dead, even Peter began to sink when he was afraid the storm. No wonder, many are sinking today as a result of fear of storms, dead, failure and etc.

Ø     Fear of what others may do to them – Genesis 50:15-17. Joseph’s brothers feared what Joseph may do to them after the death of their father. They have to arrange another lie as they did when they sold Joseph. Remember, King Saul also afraid David – 1 Samuel 18:12, 15. Are you not afraid what people may do to you despite your righteousness?

Ø     Fear of what others can say – Galatians 2:12

Ø     Fear of become poor or lack money – Genesis 47:14-15. Many leaders in our nation today are keeping money, and do not spend it out because they are fears of lack money at the end of their tenure.

Ø     People are selling their properties in other to sustain livings – Genesis 47:18-22. In our world today not only properties people are selling, they engage in selling their body for ritual and getting money (prostitutes)

Ø     Fear of failure in business, job, examination, contracts, etc.

Ø     Fear of enemies and agents of the devil – John 20:19, 1 Samuel 28:5

Ø     Fear of the future which has no guarantee – Genesis 21:17

Ø     Fear of having or receiving bad news – 1 Samuel 3:15, 2 Samuel 12:18. This year you will not receive any bad news in Jesus name

Ø     Fear of the weather – Luke 9:34

Ø     Fear of storms, winds, and trials that can blow against man at anytime – Acts 27:17-26

Dear friends, no matter what you fear, God say FEAR NOT!!! Not only fear not, but He said “I am with you always”

Ø Replace with faith – where there is fear there is NO faith and where there is FAITH there is NO fear. Fear and faith are two opposite words, is either you make use of one or denial the other – John 14:1

Ø Believe and trust in Jesus Christ all the times – Mark 5:36, Psalms 56:4, 11

Ø Understand and accept the presence of God with you and in you – John 6:20, Acts 18:19-20, Psalms 23:4, Isaiah 43:5

Ø Don’t fear the CREATURES but fear your CREATOR – Psalm 85:9

Ø Obey God in fullness – 1 Samuel 12:20-21, 1 Chronicles 22:12-13


1.           Every spirit of fear get out of me in Jesus name
2.           All gathering of satanic agents that can cause fear and frustration in my environment scatter by fire and thunder of God in Jesus name
3.           I remove myself from the pity of fear by fire in Jesus name
4.           All satanic plan that can cause hunger and famine in my family, be scatter by fire and thunder of God in Jesus name
5.           Every seed of fear that had been planted into my spirit being through dreams, get out and be uprooted by fire of God in Jesus name
6.           Every satanic tools of fear around my family, house, business, office, cast fire and render to ashes by thunder of God in Jesus name
7.           Every pity of fear before me, close by thunder of God in Jesus name
8.           Economic hardship shall not be my portion and my family this year and the rest of my life in Jesus name
9.           Any sudden death plan by demonic powers is not my portion and my family in Jesus name
10.       I lose by the power of Almighty God from the bondage of fear in Jesus name
11.       My blessing, success, breakthrough, promotion, admission, glory and elevation what are you doing in the camp of fear, get out by fire and come back to me in Jesus name
12.       I will not fail this year in Jesus name
13.       I posses the spirit of living faith in hundredfold in Jesus name

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