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This is to inform you that Our Annual 14 Days Fasting & Prayer tagged: FAIR HAVENS is approaching. This year is the 5th Edition of the Program. There is no doubt that our God who had been faithful to us in previous years is already package: salvation, blessing, fruitfulness, joy, freedom, restoration, healing, prosperity, promotion, divine connection, financial breakthrough, and spiritual enrichment for all participants.
No matter the challenges that confronting your marriage, business, job, works, academic, ministry, family and total life, just join us in this glorious amazing program, and the God Almighty will visit you and settle your case. And at the end, Uncommon Testimony will be your portion in Jesus name.
This year theme is UNCOMMON TESTIMONIES – Psalm 93:5
Date: Monday 26 January to Sunday 8 February, 2015
For everyone that desire to participate should send their email in order to receive the PRAYER BOOKLET for the program. Remember, you are to praying your own prayer at anywhere that is convenient for you, either in your house, office, place of work, church, mountain, etc. at the schedule time.
God bless you as you are preparing, planning, and praying along with us.
Pastor Mike Omoasegun
Program Coordinator

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God bless you and increase you as you join our prayer ministry.