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Psalm 93:5, Genesis 45:1-28


Since the creation of human being, the men and women had been testify to the goodness and mighty things the Lord had been doing. Moreover, this year 2015 will be different year of uncommon testimonies to the children of God. No matter how bad experience you had in previous years, there is no doubt in me that this year 2015 will be different story in your life. You may have experience testimonies before, but this New Year Testimonies will be uncommon for your family, marriage, business, and ministry.

Ø It is a written word of God – Psalm 93:5
Ø 2015 is fearful year for many people mostly Nigerians – Genesis 45:6
Ø Bible confirmed it. It is very sure – Psalm 93:5
Ø You are destined to testify uncommon great things – Genesis 45:5, 7. The Testimonies is NOT for everybody, but for a special people like YOU.
Ø It is testimony that will revive many lives – Genesis 45:25-28
Ø It is testimony that will change your location – Genesis 45:17-19, 46:1-3

Ø The things that belong to you that had been dead will rise again – Genesis 45:25-28
Ø Restoration of your loses – Genesis 45:28
Ø It is a period, season and year of terminating your weeping, crying and sorrow – Genesis 46:29-30
Ø God want to expose the secrets things that had been hidden from you since all these years – Genesis 45:25-27
Ø God want to glorify your work, business, family, marriage and ministry in the presence of those that despised or hated you – Genesis 46:33-34
Ø The whole world is experiencing famine – Genesis 47:4
Ø God want your enemies to confess, worship and bow down before you – Genesis 50:15-18
Ø Because you are destined to feed your enemies – Genesis 50:21

Ø Forgive and forget – Genesis 45:4-5, 24; 50:19-21
Ø Seek God whole heartedly in the year – 2 Chronicles 15:15, 2 Chronicles 26:5
Ø Be thankful all the times – Genesis 46:1, I Thessalonians 5:18
Ø Let obedience be your priority – Isaiah 1:19, Genesis 46:31-34, 47:3-7
ü Obedience will make you dwell where you prosper and have uncommon testimonies – Genesis 26:1-6, 12-16
ü Obedience will bring down the hands of God to bless you – Malachi 3:12
ü Obedience to God’s Prophet/servants will make you prosper – 2 Chronicles 20:20, 2Kings 4:1-7
ü No limitation for your wealth if you obey – Proverbs 3:9-10
ü Obedience will hook you up with heaven and connected with the covenant of uncommon testimonies – Job 36:11, 1 Chronicles 22:11-13
Ø Forget the past, but move forward. Remember, you are in the present – year of uncommon testimonies – Genesis 45:26-27. What you believe is what brings forth in your life. Don’t dwell in your past. Thinking or act on your past will only derail and harm you
Ø Daily meditating in the Bible throughout the year – Joshua 1:8

1.        God I thank you for given me another grace to witness another New Year 2015
2.        Worship God with any songs you know
3.        As I am stepping to year 2015, I command the gate of blessing and financial breakthrough to open for me by fire by thunder in the name of Jesus
4.        Every door that link to successful journey in year 2015 beginning to open for me in the name of Jesus
5.        Every spiritual police assigned to attacked me at the gate of 2015, I command you all to die by the bombs of God in the name of Jesus
6.        Every forces of wickedness that will work against the children of God in year 2015, I commanded you all to die by fire and thunder of God in the name of Jesus
7.        The power of the almighty God that is sufficient for me to be successful in year 2015, I possess it in fullness in the name of Jesus
8.        The multiple grace and favour that will make my journey easy in year 2015, I receive it in the name of Jesus
9.        Every power of backwardness against the children of God in year 2015, you are liar die by thunder and fire of God in the name of Jesus
10.    The power of living testimonies rest upon my life, business, work and job in year 2015 in the name of Jesus
11.    Any seed of sickness sprinkle by the power of darkness will not fall to my house and my family in year 2015 in the name of Jesus
12.    Every door of greatness and promotion of good things shall open for me in year 2015 in the name of Jesus
13.    In the capability of the God Mighty power, I collect the keys that open every door of good things for year 2015 in the name of Jesus
14.    I cover my life, wife, husband, children, work, business, job, family and other things that belong to me with Blood of Jesus throughout year 2015 in the name of Jesus
15.    Every satanic road block shall not mount on my way throughout year 2015 in the name of Jesus
16.    All my abandoned good project of previous years shall be complete by the grace of God in year 2015 in the name of Jesus
17.    Every forces of enemies that standing on my way at any time year 2015 shall receive the judgment of God with fire and thunder in the name of Jesus
18.    Any plan of the enemies against my ministry, and marriage shall not prosper in year 2015 in the name of Jesus
19.    I, my children and my wife will not experience any sorrow in year 2015 in the name of Jesus
20.    All power of failure in good things shall not work against me in year 2015 in the name of Jesus
21.    Any where I go in year 2015, uncommon testimonies shall be my portion in the name of Jesus

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