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Prayer Against Failure at the End of Graduation


These PRAYER BOMBS is majorly focus on failure at the point of graduation. There are many people that are being studies for two or more  years, before they graduated, something bad happened. For instance in Nigeria, after finishing from higher Institution like universities, polytechnics or college of education for 4 years studies, you have to undergo Nation Youth Service Corps (NYSC) where you will be graduated and award a certificate to proved that you are a Nigerian. 

If you are among the NYSC members grandaunt in the next month or you have relative or friends among them, assist them in these PRAYER BOMBS. You can send it to them. 

Bible Reading: Psalm 91, 24, 27, and 29

1. By the special anointing and grace of God, I pronounce over your life that, the remain days of your time in NYSC you will NOT weep in Jesus name.

2. Accident will NOT be your portion in the remain days of your life at NYSC service in Jesus name

3. failure will not be your portion in Jesus name

4. Whosoever had waiting to destroy your testimonies on the day of your NYSC graduation, such person will become dead within 24 hours in the name of Jesus

5. Every plan from the pit of hell against your success at NYSC service is cancel and terminated by the Blood of Jesus

6. The certificate that you will receive from NYSC will open door of great work for you in Jesus name

7. Any power of failure at the point of success will NOT overcome you in Jesus name

8. Any roadblock mount against you is hereby scatter by fire and thunder of God in Jesus name 

9. You are bless in Jesus name

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