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DAY 1 (Sunday 1st February 2015)


BIBLE READING: Psalm 93:1-5, Genesis 45:1-end

In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I welcome you to this year edition of FAIR HAVENS- A 14 Days Fasting and Prayer with the theme: Uncommon Testimonies. This year is a special year that God has destined for every participants to have uncommon testimonies of turnaround in their life, business, job, work, marriage, academic, finances, ministry, and family.

Since is the creation of the world and the humanity, people had been experiences testimonies in one way or the other. Even since you have been born again, you have experiences testimonies in one way or the other. Moreover, this year 2015 is a special year that God destinies to be a YEAR OF UNCOMMON TESTIMONIES for you.

Uncommon means, extraordinary, unusually, or rare. In other words, uncommon is a something that is special, or happen in uncommon way at uncommon time. While, testimony means: something that serves as evidence, a living proof, or confirmation.  

Ø  It is a promised from God, and God is faithful to His promises. – Hebrews 10:23, 1 Thess. 5:14

Ø  It is written spoken word of God – Psalm 93:5. The written word of God must come to pass. Even, God honour His words more than His name

Ø  2015, is a year that people fear mostly Nigerians – Genesis 45:6

Ø  The bible confirmed that, uncommon testimonies is sure – Psalm 93:5

Ø  You are destined to testify to uncommon great things – Genesis 45:5, 7. This year testimonies is NOT for all people, but for SPECIAL people, you in person – Isaiah 8:18

Ø  It is the testimonies that will revive life – Genesis 45:25-28

Ø  It is the testimonies that will change your location – Genesis 45:17-19, 46:1-3. Where you are now is not your right place or location, there is a special place for you, and you will be there this year in Jesus name. Singleness is not your right place, barrenness is not your right place, failure you are battle with is not your right place, that sickbed is not your right place; your right place is GOSHEN Land.

Ø  You are capable of fulfilling these testimonies – 2 Thess. 3:4. You are qualified to have uncommon testimonies. You have the qualities. Moreover, you may not be educated enough to acquire degrees, but you have what it takes to be UNCOMMON TESTIMONIER this year.

There are things that will happen to you that will leads to uncommon testimonies, which are:

Ø Your possession that had been dead will rise again – Genesis 45:25-28. To Jacob, Joseph was dead, but that very year Joseph became living soul for Jacob. A son that has been dead for years became testimonies to Jacob.

Ø Restoration of lose – Genesis 45:28

Ø It is a period/year that yours weeping, tears, mourning, wretchedness, crying, resentment, hostility, grief, distress, agony, pain, dirge, sad song, sorrow, sadness, and bitterness will terminated – Genesis 46:29-30. Jacob sorrow, grief and sad song were terminated on that very year he has uncommon testimonies.

Ø God desire to expose things that had been hidden from you – It has been hidden from Jacob what happened to Joseph and where Joseph his son is, but the year of uncommon testimonies for Jacob, the truth was exposed.

Ø God desire to glorify your work, marriage, business, job, and ministry in the presence of those that despise, odium, deride, hate, abhorrence, mock, scorn, detestation, or scoff at you – Genesis 46:33-34.

Ø The whole world will experience famine in this year – Genesis 47:4. During the time of Jacob testimonies, the whole world experience famine, so also this year. The crude oil that many countries believe in will fall down in market.

Ø God covet and yearn for your enemies to confess, bow down and worship you – Genesis 50:15-18

Ø You become a person that will feed your enemies and household as whole. Not only that, you will be in position that make you become their leader. You become the controller and overseer on them – Genesis 50:21 

Uncommon testimonies thus not happen without responsibilities from God and man. God has done His, but you must carry out your own responsibilities and they are:

Ø Come back to Jesus in fullness – Matthew 11:28-30

Ø Always be thankful in all things – Genesis 46:1, 1 Thess. 5:18, Psalms 78:1-7. Emulate the characters and actions of Jacob – He always thanks God and adored Him in all things. The Holy Bible commanded us to always be thankful in all things.

Ø Let obedience be your number one priority – Isaiah 1:19. Obedience is a key that open door for uncommon testimonies at anytime at anywhere.

Ø Seek God all the times – Job 36:11, 2 Chronicles 20:20. Jesus Christ commanded us to FIRST seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness – Matthew 6:33, and uncommon testimonies shall be given to you.

Ø Forgive and forget – Genesis 45:3-5. Joseph forgave and forgets the evil that his brothers deed to me. To forget means not see what they did for you as evil but see it as a stepping-stone to fulfill God’s plan for your life and bring out UNCOMMON TESTIMONIES.

Ø Commit yourself to fervent fasting and prayer – 1 Thess. 5:17. Remember, Jacob is a man of prayer – Genesis 32:22-26, 46:1-3. Where in generation where people seek for power and solution to their problems anywhere, but only those that commit to fervent fasting and prayers will have uncommon testimonies.

Ø Be faithful and patient wait for the testimonies – Jacob wait and at the end, he witness and enjoyed uncommon testimonies that God has for him

Ø Be Holy as God is holy – Leviticus 11:44-45. God the giver of uncommon testimonies is holy in character, deeds, actions, and speech, meanwhile, we that desire to have uncommon testimonies must also be holy in our doings. Holiness must be our motto; you must emulate and practicing holiness all the times – Ephesians 1:3-5

Ø Addicted to be in the house of God all the times – 2 Kings 11:11-12. Enjoy yourself in the fellowship with brethren. Sunday service is not enough, engaging yourself in weekly service in your church.

1.           Give thanks to God for making this year FAIR HAVENS a reality for you and others
2.           Confess all your sins and ask God to forgive you. Please be faithful in this prayer of confession
3.           God in your mercy, fill me with your Holy Spirit
4.           By the grace and power in the Blood of Jesus, I received total deliverance from the bondage of all my sins in the name of Jesus
5.           As from this moment, all my uncommon testimonies that had been hindered by my sin are hereby set free by the Blood of Jesus
6.           Every seed of sins that hindered my uncommon testimonies are hereby uprooted by Blood of Jesus and consume by the fire of God in the name of Jesus
7.           My God and my Lord, forgive me all uncommon sins that hindered uncommon testimonies in my life in the name of Jesus
8.           I receive the grace and mercy that will terminate the work of uncommon sin in my life in the name of Jesus

9.           I will never and not end my life in frustration in the name of Jesus 

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