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Prayer Against Road Accident


For every destiny, there is a vehicle that leads to its destination, and for every journey there is vehicle that takes the passengers to its destination. Many people could not get to the destination of their life and success because their vehicle crash or injure on the way. It is a pity that many that could have got to the destination of their business or job or marriage successfully with joyful could not get there because the agents of satanic kingdom boarded the vehicle with them.

For instance, Jonah boarded vehicle to Tarshish instead to Nineveh, and the people in the ship lost everything they have. The ship was nearly to crash and all the people was tormented with wind. When Jesus and His disciples are on the way to another side of the Sea, the Bible make it clear that, wind blown against it and the ship was tormented by the storm (Luke 8:22-24).

As this year is going to end, there are several evil forces that assigned to attack the vehicle of people’s destiny, marriage, business, family, job, academic, and ministry. Moreover, Jesus Christ the ONLY ONE that holds the key of all storms is ready to stop any storm or wind that attack your vehicle.

Only those people that allow Jesus Christ to abide in their vehicle has full guarantee of getting to their destination peacefully and successfully. He said, “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” John 15:5

Without Jesus Christ in your vehicle, your vehicle may crash or injure. Therefore, allow Him to drive the vehicle for you and you will surely reach your destination successfully.


1. The vehicle of my destiny shall not crash in the name of Jesus

2. The vehicle of my marriage shall not crash or injured in the name of Jesus

3. The agents of satanic kingdom will not board the vehicle of my business and family in the remain days of this year in Jesus name - Jonah 1:3-10

4. Any satanic road block mounted against the vehicle of my success is hereby destroy and scatter by the thunder of God in Jesus name

5. All demonic drivers shall not drive the vehicle of my destiny and ministry in the name of Jesus
6. My Lord and my Saviour abide and drive the vehicle of my destiny, marriage, business, family and ministry for me in fullness in the name of Jesus
7. Every satanic agent assigned to divert the vehicle of my life, business, marriage, destiny and ministry to wrong way; you are a liar die by thunder in the name of Jesus

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