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Deliverance from the Root of your Problem


Bible Reading: GENESIS 16:1-6

There is no problem without a root. That problem confronting your life, marriage, family, ministry, and business has a root. Until you uproot the root of the problem you may not experience positive changes in your life.

Root play important and specific role in plant. No matter whom you are what your problems are; you must deal with the root in order to be rule your world.


There are important things you should take note of before you proceed in this prayer, which are:

ü  The root secures and anchors the plant to ground. It makes sure that the plant stand firm at a particular place at all the time.

ü  Root gives and provides food-water to the plant. For any plant to survive it needs water and food, the same applicable to your problem – Job 14:9. Your problem cannot survive without the root that supplies it food or power. There are specific powers or forces that are fueling your problem to keep on working in your life, marriage, business, or ministry

ü  It is the roots that make every plant expands and bring out fruits. The root of your problem expands the existence time of your problem, even it brings or accommodate more problem to your life, marriage, business, ministry and family.

ü  The root determines how long the plant will live. Because once the root of a plant is cut off, the plant will also cutoff.

ü  If a plant is cut and the root is NOT cut, there is hope for the survival of the plant – Job 14:7-9

ü  Sometimes, the root of plant is operating beyond the point or place where the plant it’s planted. In order words, the root of your problem may be in far place to where you are or lives now.

ü  The root of mango tree is different from the root of orange tree. The same applicable to human problems. The root of barrenness is different from the root of debt.

Ø  Naming given to person – Jabez – 1 Chronicles 4:9-10
Ø  The first or voice spoken to you on your birthday – Genesis 35:16-18
Ø  The first person that carry you on the day you was born
Ø  The person that delivered you on the day your mother gave birth to you
Ø  The place you was born
Ø  The first clothe you wear on your birthday
Ø  The house your lives in childhood
Ø  Association or friendship
Ø  The gifts receive on wedding day
Ø  The sacrifice make on wedding day
Ø  The signature of a person on your certificate or appointment letter
Ø  Eating, drinking or bath in the dreams
Ø  Using artificial hair, nails, etc
Ø  Having covenant or oath with people
Ø  Place mark on any part of your body. Eg writing name on your body, tattoo, etc
Ø  Exchange wears
Ø  Decorating your house with image you don’t know the source

     I.        Surrender all to Jesus Christ
   II.        Confess and forget all your evil deeds
  III.        Dissociate from any evil or ungodly association
 IV.        Wash yourself in the Blood of Jesus
   V.        Engage in fervent and rugged prayers

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