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Rekindling Your Power for Fulfillment of your Destiny

Topic: Rekindling Your Power for Fulfillment of your Destiny

Bible Reading: Isaiah 40:28-31

As far as this earth is concern, nothing can be compare with the power one possessed. We are in the world where powers and forces reigning, people with glorious destiny ruin, and believers without divine power are wasted.

If you are a believer and you did not possess the power of God, you are on the way to destruction. Not only to destruction, you are not of God. Romans 8:14 says: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

There are thousands of powers existing in the world today, but the only power that has no limitation to operate is the power of God. The only power that others power cannot and will not overcome is the power of God. Anyone that possesses the power of God has nothing to fear in this world. Romans 8:15. Others powers reigning in this world must bow down for the power of God.


The power of God is unlimited in operation
It can works in 24/7
It is invisible power that does visible things
You don’t need to be educated in order to get this power
It pulls down every stronghold at anytime at anywhere
It raises the dead back to life
It open door and no powers can shut


1.     Let the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ come upon my virtues in name of Jesus
2.     All evil powers gang up against my destiny, marriage, business, ministry, and job, you are a liars, die by thunder and fire of God in the name of Jesus
3.     By the power of the Almighty God, every foundational conspiracy against my destiny is broken to pieces in name of Jesus
4.     All powers of witches assigned to waste my life, marriage, business, ministry and job, you are liars, be wasted and consume by fire of God in the name of Jesus
5.     Lift up your heads, O ye powers and O ye gates of my marriage and let the King of Glory come in, in the mighty name of Jesus
6.     Thou territorial powers ruling over my marriage, business, job work and ministry, be dethroned by fire and thunder of God in the name of Jesus
7.     As from today henceforth, I possess the power of God in hundredfold in the name of Jesus
8.     Thou spirits of the pig standing and power of dirtiest against my life, marriage, ministry and business be drowned in the water of affliction by the power of God in the name Jesus
9.     Every satanic dog barking against my marriage, be silenced and be roasted by fire and thunder of God in the name of Jesus

10.  Any evil beast on a nightly assignment to manipulate my dream, my marriage, my business, my ministry and total life, be cast into the fire by the power of God in Jesus’ name

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