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Provoking The Presence of God

Topic: Provoking The Presence of God

Bible Reading: Exodus 33:12-33

There is no way man can succeeding in his doing without the presence of God. Moses, the servant of God and the first leader of Israel seen that their journey will be harmful by the enemies if the presence of God is NOT abide with them. He (Moses) did not hesitate to plead for the presence of God who can make them fruitful and successful in their journey.

Where there is No Presence of God:

Nothing on earth can be compare with the presence of God. It is disastrous, harmful, devastating, ruinous and catastrophic to begin your days without the presence of God. Many marriages had been ruined and take over by the enemies because the spouse did not permit the presence of God to funnel the marriage. Several business, jobs and works are not successful because the owners did not recognize the presence of God.

Elimelech and his family lost all when they left for Moab without the presence of God. They rejected the guidance and directive of God, and Elimelech and his sons inherited sudden death. The whole family could have totally ruined if not the grace of God that spared Naomi his wife. Ruth 1:1-5. 

King Saul became a mad man when the spirit of God left him. The king whom had been eaten with prophet of God and dinned in the presence of God turn into a man that is eaten and dinned in the table of witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28:7-25).

Many disasters you are experience in your life is as a result of lacking the presence of God. Your marriage will not bring out its peaceful benefit in as much as you disallow the presence of God. Your business may not give you rest of mind as long as you fail to embrace the presence of God.

Where there is Presence of God:

The presence of God in your daily activities had many benefits to embed into your life, marriage, business, work, and everything you do. The presence of God will disallow the presence of enemies. Where there is presence of God, there is liberty and peaceful atmosphere – Matthew 28:20.

There is total deliverance from evil, victory over storms of life, healing unlimited, fullness of joy, God’s unlimited favour, fruitfulness and successful living, elevation and divine promotion.  – Mark 4:35-41, Exodus 33:17, Romans 8:14, Psalm 16:11, Daniel 3:25.

How to Provoke the Presence of God:
Before you can enjoy the presence of God, you must be ready to be the friend of God and abide in Him fully. John 15:4-15.

Cultivate the attitudes of praise and worship on daily basis. The power that brings down the presence of God is in praise and worship. Let your total heart praise and worship God. Acts 16:25-26, Psalm 100:4, 22:3.

Engage yourself in holy living. Fill yourself with Hoy Spirit of God, never allow dirty things to abide or dwell in your heart. Your heart is a bottom base of bringing down the presence of God. Romans 8:14, 1 Corinthians 6:15-20.

Practice quiet time on daily basis. Set time for study in the presence of God with fervent prayers. Never set-out without consulting God in prayers and meditating in His word. Joshua 1:8-9, Acts 4:29-32

Never allow yourself to be intimidated by the enemies. You are original made by God, no one is like you. Moreover you can fulfill your daily destiny and purpose in life if you allow the presence of God to abide, steer, direct, funnel and guide you.


1. My God and my Lord, let your presence abide and funnel my daily journey in the name of Jesus

2. In the name of Jesus, I render fire and total destruction upon all the activities of the enemies that cause distraction for me not to be in the presence of God 

3. I receive the Holy Spirit of God in fullness in the name of Jesus

4. My Father and my Lord, I surrender my life unto you, never allow your presence to elude me in Jesus name

5. Every good things that belong to me that I have lost due to separation from the presence of God, I recover them in hundredfold in the name of Jesus

6. Every power and activities of failure get away from my presence in the name of Jesus

7. Every hands of the enemies that is directed my affairs, cut off by the sword of God in the name of Jesus 

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