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Today our society is full of obstacles and hindrances. Thousands of people find it difficult to infiltrate and breakthrough due to obstacles mounted before them.  You must learn not to stop moving whenever so many obstacles are standing between you and your goals in life. The devil presents these obstacles to keep you from moving. He wants you to remain stagnant. He wants you at the same spot for a long time looking helpless so that you can see yourself as NOTHING in the hand of God. Moreover, it is the devil that used his strategies to hold you stagnant. 

Nothing should stop you moving forward. SIN is the only forces that can stop you or hold you stagnant. Therefore, lives an holy life and make sure you run away from sin. Galatians 5:19-21


1. I demolish every forces that block my way with the thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

2. Any agents of disturbance assigned to rub me from my glorious way is hereby render to ashes by the fire and thunder of God in Jesus name

3. Every seeds of SIN planted in me through dreams are hereby uprooted by the Blood of Jesus

4. My God and my Lord, in your mercy take me out of the activities that do not allow me to glorify you in Jesus name

5. The ONLY HELPER I have is GOD, my God arise and help me to overcome all the obstacles placed before my marriage, ministry, family, in Jesus name

6. All evil strangers that want to take your possession away from you to receive the fire of destruction

7. All powers standing at the door of your gate of favor, mercy and success be pull down

8. All power that want to poison the minds and hearts of your helpers when they have made up their minds to help you will fall down and die by fire

9. You will rise up to the top and occupy your position of leadership In Jesus name' Amen

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