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Don't Yield to Family Discouragement

Topic: Don't Yield to Family discouragement

Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 1:27-28
“And ye murmured in your tents, and said, because the LORD hated us, he hath brought us forth out of the land of Egypt, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites, to destroy us. Whither shall we go up? Our brethren have discouraged our heart, saying, the people is greater and taller than we; the cities are great and walled up to heaven; and moreover we have seen the sons of the Anakims there.”

The people of Israel were discouraged and they could not enter the Promised Land by their brothers and sisters. Many family members are agent of discouragement; they don’t have good words and advices to offer their fellow brother/sister than to discourage them in any steps they take in life. 

The brother of David discouraged him not to confront Goliath; instead of encouraging him, they abused him. 1 Samuel 17: 28.

Job’s wife discouraged Job during His trials. She discouraged him into not upholding his integrity. Job 2:9.

People are going to throw stones at you and the funny thing is, you can’t do anything about it! As long as you are doing the will of the Father, people will oppose with critical words of discouragement.

You must be careful not to get discourage by people who would complain regardless of the decision you make. Yes, it stings the way some people talk to you and the things you does. And it’s certainly not always godly how some people express themselves in your presence. 

But what if Joshua had listened to the naysayers? What if Nehemiah had been yield to the discouragement offered by the people around him? What if Moses had given up every time the complainers were louder than the people who were willing to follow? Remember, he probably was willing to give up a couple of times, but he held the course. 

If you are a STAR and you have vision, there will always be someone that is not happy with the vision and decisions you made. People find it easy to be discouraged and abandon the divine project when people say one thing or the others that is negative to their vision or decisions. 

In the journey of life and ministry there will most likely be those who come to discourage by taking an active role in sabotaging your life, ministry, academic, business, handiwork, and marriage. For whatever reason, they want to see you fail and are committed to making that happen. And it is left for you to take the right step to terminate their assignment through encourage yourself in God.

May God bless you as you encourage yourself in the Lord God as David did.


1. In the name of Jesus, I refuse to discourage, because God has not given me the spirit of discourage, but of power and of love and of a sound mind and encouragement.

2. I bind the spirit of discourage in my life and marriage, in the name of Jesus.

3. I break every evil covenant that has brought discourage into my life, in the name of Jesus.

4. I command every terror of the night that has brought discourage into my life to stop and move from my environment, in the name of Jesus.

5. You spirit of fear and discouragement, loose your hold upon my life and my family, in the name of Jesus.

6. I command all human agents using the spirits of fear and discouragement to terrify me in the night to stumble and fall, in the name of Jesus.

7. The fear and terror of the unbelievers shall not be my lot, in the name of Jesus.

8. My tomorrow is blessed n Christ Jesus, therefore, you spirit that is responsible for the fear and discourage of tomorrow in my life, I bind you, in the name of Jesus.

9. My destiny is attached to God, therefore I decree that I can never fail and be discourage, in the name of Jesus.

10. Every bondage that I am subjecting myself to by the spirit of discouragement I break you, in the name of Jesus.

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