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Use the Gifts of God in You Wisely


Dear friends, whatever you have you MUST share it with others. The only achievement that you can boast of is the impact that you make into people’s lives. Whatever you do to change people’s lives to God or make them safe from their pain is the most acceptable thing God want from you.

Use the gift of God in you to win souls for Christ. Use it to expand the gospel to the unreach. Use it to bring down the stronghold of the enemies. Use it to advertise Christ and heaven. Use it to build lives and make then realize their destiny. Be wise to use the gifts of God in you.

1. The gifts of God in you will not become wasteful in Jesus name.

2. The purpose of God gifts in you will come to reality in Jesus name

3. Every power that want to waste your God given gifts will die by thunder of God in JESUS NAME

4. Divine power of God that will make your gifts useful and profitable will fall upon you in Jesus name

5. As the gift of Solomon opened door of financial breakthrough for him, I declare that the gift of God in you will open unlimited financial breakthrough for you in JESUS name

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