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Redemption Means Fulfillment of God’s Purpose in You

Bible Reading: Genesis 13

Following the episode of stress between Abraham and Lot over territory, Abraham graciously offers Lot his choice of the land, saying he will take whatever remained beyond it (Genesis 13). Abraham may have wondered if in doing that, he’d given away the store. But the Lord appears to him and says, “I still have the land for you, and I want you to pace it out and see its dimensions.” As a result of that, Abraham built an altar.

Have you ever wondered if, because of something that has taken place, what you thought your life was going to be will never be realized to the degree it might have?

I believe it’s a very clear statement from God’s heart saying that ultimately, you don’t need to worry about the things that seem to encroach on the realization of God’s purpose in your life. There are some things that are irrecoverable; you can’t go back and scrape up all the pieces of everything. But our life is not constituted only of those pieces. There are issues over which the Lord promises to bring about the fulfillment of His purpose in you, notwithstanding the thing that’s happened. That’s what redemption is about (Joel 2).

The Lord is telling Abraham that the loss is not irrevocable as far as His purpose in him is concerned. And to that, Abraham built an altar.

There are some who need to come today and say, “Lord, I’m going to decide that You have not called me to lead a second-rate life because I allowed second-rate things to cut in on what was Your first-rate plan.” And let the Lord work His redemption fully and thoroughly as you come to the altar.


1. Every power of the cauldron, raised up to manipulate my destiny, releases me, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every spirit behind any family cauldron, working against my progress, be paralyzed, in Jesus name.
3. Any cauldron of household wickedness, designed to strengthen poverty in my life, break, in Jesus name.
4. I break lose my future, my finances and my health from the domination of witchcraft cauldron.

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