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Jacob as Worm


Bible Reading: Isaiah 41:14-20

Isaiah is one of the ages of the scriptures that have been keeping me. The passage is a passage of promised of what God had said He will do. I will like you to put yourself in shoe of Jacob. The word I in the passage is a word that tells us that GOD is the one that speaking there.


1.     God is able to fulfill the promises: The One that is promised in the passage, what He capable of keeping it to the fulfillment? Yes! He indeed is capable of keeping it and fulfilling it more than our expectation. He tells us that, He honour His words more than His name; and with God all things are possible even possible for those that believe. God is capable of fulfilling His promises in your life no matter the situation you are or who you are or what you think of yourself. If you can be sincere with yourself, you will discover that God hands is in this program that you embark upon, and since there is hands of God in it, surely He has promises of which He will fulfill in your life, marriage, business, etc. There are several experiences you will pass through in life that will seems that there is no God, but there is God

2.     What He planned to make out of you: God has a planned for you and He is ready to work it out in you. God qualify Jacob by that time as WORM. A WORM is an ant that small kid can kill at anytime. But in verse 15, God says He will make the WORM a great and giant to do exploit that no one can withstand. God makes it clear that the WORM will thresh mountains. What a great promised! WORM will makes hills to become floor. Is it possible for ordinary WORM to do such?????? But WORM will only do it through the hands, power and grace of God. There is appointed time of God is the time, and the time is here now, not tomorrow or next. For WORM to uproot the mountain is the hands of God. No matter the level of your education before you are here, God is going to make you great and great indeed! God has purpose for you; don’t fear anymore, He is now ready to make you somebody that is special to change his/her world. God is not looking at your past history, but looking at you as a NEW person that will bring positive change to his/her family and society as whole. Many mountains will rise to discourage you, hinder you and

3.     Why will God use me as a Thresh Instrument: In verse 20, God makes it clear there that He will use you for HIS own glory. God want to display you and His beauty in you to the whole world. In verse 18, God says HE will change the law of gravity and law of nature because of you. God has chosen me at this time to change the world and bring out His glory for people to know that God is the only One that can do all things. If you can compare WORM with YOURSLEF you will know that God has great things for you.


1.   Fear Not: In verse 1, God told us to fear NOT because He is able to do it. Never allow fear to steal or rub you from the race. Devil will only use fear to derail, hinder and stop you from doing the right thing. The greatest enemy for success is FEAR, and you can overcome it with boldness and faith. 1 Thessalonians 5:24 says “Who calls you will do it”. Don’t be afraid because someone had promised.

2.   Surrender Yourself unto God – Luke 1:37-38. Let God take total control of your life and daily basis. You are struggling with sin simply because you have NOT surrender your total self to God in holiness, faithfulness and sincerity of heart.

Lesson Learned:

Today message is power message that change my orientation from be an ordinary to supergiant. For God to compared JACOB with WORM means that, God can use anyone no matter how condition the person may be.

I learned that, one should NOT fear, but God is able and ready to use me more than my expectation and desire.

I discovered that, God only required of us to surrender our lives to Him for His use at any time

Now, I realized that, there is a reason why God make it possible for me to be partaker of this Course and God has great thing for me in the course which I must fulfill; and must fully committed of doing things that will make me fulfill it in fullness.

With perseverance, one can become what God has for him/her

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