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Embracing the Word of Life

Topic: Embracing the Word of Life

Bible Reading: Joshua 1:1-10

God's word is the source of life which enables man to exist in a blessed state. To reject God's word is to default to the word of Satan who says we can be complete in ourselves. To reject God's word is to allow fear to enter as a constant because we can never be complete unless we live by God's word.

In Genesis 3:1-5, Satan deceived man in simple words, “be as God, and be perfect and independent.”

Shame came as they realized they were not perfect. Without God in their consciousness, they separated from His Spirit, but now on their own, trying to be god by their own wisdom and strength, they allowed the spirit of competition, the spirit of self-consciousness, the spirit of self-interest to prevail and ruined them. What a great tragedy!

Despite the provision of Jesus Christ to redeem everyone from the power of self-interest and self-consciousness, yet many reluctantly reject this great offer from the Creator. They still allow themselves to be enslaved by satanic power and rule by his spirits like spirit of fornication, adultery, lying, murdering, stealing, fighting, quarreling, homosexual, drunkenness, immoralities, covetousness, and idolatry.     

Beloved, you can only become what you destined for in God’s Master Plan when you surrender your totality to God. You are designed by God to focus on and to help complete others. You must adapt to the reality of lives by the word of God on daily basis. Joshua 1:8.

Renew your mind every day with word of God; engage yourself in personal relationship with God in prayer and refilling yourself with the power of the

Holy Spirit. Doing these will enabled you to apply the word of God which conforms man to the image of Christ.

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