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Deliverance from the Youth Afflictions


Bible Reading: Psalms 129

Topic: Deliverance from the Youth Afflictions 

Many people had been afflicted from their birth and they are still suffer the affliction till now. Many had been afflicted with various diseases and sickness right from the day they were born. Many were afflicted when they were in the womb of their mother. John 9:1-2

The affliction may result in barrenness, sickness, failure, disappointment, premature pregnancy, sudden death, working without profits, marital problem, etc. Many times, afflictions can cause heart attack, high blood pressure, attacking in the dreams, persecutions and hatred, etc.

The Causes of Afflictions from the Youth-age:
There are many things that can cause the affliction of a man or woman from the youth age, among are: 

1. The parental sin - The child can be afflicted as a result his mother or father sins. 

2. The personal sin - Psalm 119:67. The sin you committed may cause your afflictions. Several young brothers and sisters of today could not attained their glorious destiny because of the evil acts they did during their youth age. Many brothers and sisters had destroyed their body with fornication and adultery. Many had turned their body to evil and satanic warehouse. Making tattoo into your body in drawing things like snakes, scorpions, knife, sword, birds, animal, ants, etc are means of afflicting yourself with the wrath of God. Anyone that do such to his or her body is already afflicted his/herself into the realm of darkness, and such may not be free until he/she surrender his/herself to Jesus Christ in fullness.

3. Outsider enemies - Exodus 3:7. The Israelite were afflicted by the Egyptians. People around you can afflict you because they hated you and do not want you to succeed. 

1. Surrender your total life to Jesus Christ - Matthew 11:28-29

2. Confess and repent all your sins and evil deeds to Christ Jesus -  Leviticus 24:40-42

3. Wash yourself clean with the Blood of Jesus Christ 

4. Engage in fervent and violent prayers 

1. My God and my Lord, I confess all my sins before you today, (mentions those sins you have committed), and ask for forgiveness

2. Wash me clean with your blood in Jesus name

3. I receive divine power of God that will terminate every afflictions that had been affect me from my birth in Jesus name 

4. Every affliction attached to my destiny from my birth terminated by the blood of Jesus 

5. Every affliction attached to my life from my mother's womb, destroy by fire of God today in the name of Jesus 

6. Every seeds of affliction planted in me, you are a liar, uprooted and die by fire of God in the name of Jesus 

7. All my possessions that afflictions had been took away from me are hereby restore back in hundredfold in Jesus name

8. My GOD and my Lord, in your mercy, set me free from that affliction of my sins that block my way in Jesus name 

9. Every chain of affliction that caged my business, marriage, work and family, you are a liar, scatter by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name 

10. As from today henceforth, I regain my freedom from all forms of afflictions attached to my life in Jesus name.

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