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"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life"...John 14:6
Truth JESUS affirm in the above passage he is .Truth is therefore a person. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32
A person in the person of the Lord Jesus. This is how serious truth is.
Many are in bondage and spells because they have not met with the truth that sets free even Jesus !

Truth is a divine reality not merely facts. Many facts and what we call factual facts many times have been proven to be lies and unreal even in the medical and scientific worlds.
But in Christ everything is real and truth. Truth is seeing and saying things the way they are not just the way the appear!

Jesus is the truth of God .whatsoever JESUS says and said is exactly what he has seen in his father!
"I can of my own do nothing." As I hear I judge or speak "John 5:19. This is what a normal christian should be and do. Speaking and doing this just the way he or she has seen in and of God and is led of God and the spirit to do. But many times this is not our christian experience and testimony. 

We have "Christians" who have fall into these categories:

1 WRITTEN LIARS : common to Christians workers who get to work late and sign the time arrival book earlier than they came! what a lie! some even sign and co sign false agreement and engaged in false documented negotiations. So long you are alive you have documented lies somewhere the books can be burnt but the lies remain. 

2. SPOKEN LIARS: This is the commonest lies told today that deny us and accuse us that we don't have nor know the truth of God. whether WHITE LIES, BLACK LIES, ...ALL LIARS SHALL FIND THEMSELVES IN THE LAKE OF FIRE. Repent!

3. APPEARANCE/ COVERED LIARS: These are people who give a false appearances of who they are not. They pretend to be what they actually are not. Hear this scripture 

4. LIVING LAIRS.: These are " brethren" who lied to be something many years ago but have not had another occasion to correct it or are not still willing to so do.
They have lived and are a big testimony that Jesus the truth of God is not a living reality in their soul!
many sisters aborted many times and even finally damaged or aborted their wombs but never told their intended spouse their real and true position till many years down their marriage life!
Many have forged their ages to secure a job!
Today we have "football ages " from the pit of hell and others falsified credentials/ certificates or impersonated in an exam whether locally or international, and today whether you are working with it or not once it is part of your CV, you have written a lie somewhere and therefore you are all your years living a lie! For sure you cant go to heaven like that! You are a living liar! You are doom except you repent!
In fact let us say that , all your offerings and tithes are not approved in heaven and are rejected like that of Cain of old! They are only useful to your church here on earth!
we live in a world of falsehood and false appearances! False claims and false means but must live the truth, this is true Christianity!
The Next step you are about to take where are you going and how truthful is it?
Look ,we are not just dealing with been truthful and carrying out "acts of truth" but being the truth.
You can be truthful because of the danger dangling ahead but been the truth is been nothing but the truth at all times in season and out seasons.

many have sold out the truth of their consciences! How is your courtship? is it the truth of God pure,holy and clean? How is the ministry sir with attendance? HELP US LORD!!!
May our preachers use the pulpit to pull men and sinners from their pit and show them the Way,the Truth and the divine Life of Jesus.
May Jesus become more popular in out songs and sermons more than coke! May Jesus return to take his place and be glorified again as the central figure and essence of true Christianity!
And may our homes reflect and rebrand Jesus to our children and to the next Generation!
Oh that Our tracks and leaflets and newspapers and magazines and journals bring back the message of Jesus!

And may our Televangelists and radio preachers get tired of every other message but preach Jesus as the only way and pathway of God and to God for therein is our hope for recovery and Revival. Amen.
SELAH! By Hilary Ashikabe

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