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Destiny To Become Great


Bible reading: Psalm 23, Isaiah 41:14-20

God has a planned for you and He is ready to work it out in you. God qualify Jacob by that time as WORM. A WORM is an ant that small kid can kill at anytime. But in verse 15, God says He will make the WORM a great and giant to do exploit that no one can withstand. God makes it clear that the WORM will thresh mountains. What a great promised! WORM will makes hills to become floor. Is it possible for ordinary WORM to do such? But WORM will only do it through the hands, power and grace of God. 

There is appointed time of God is the time, and the time is here now, not tomorrow or next. For WORM to uproot the mountain is the hands of God. No matter the level of your education before you are here, God is going to make you great and great indeed! God has purpose for you; don’t fear anymore, He is now ready to make you somebody that is special to change his/her world. God is not looking at your past history, but looking at you as a NEW person that will bring positive change to his/her family and society as whole.

Many mountains will rise to discourage you, hinder you and stop you from being fulfill God’s purpose, but never let it intimate or derail you.


1. Every spirit of fear riding against me, cast out in the name of Jesus 

2. The power that will cause me to be great and fulfill God purpose is bestow upon me in Jesus name

3. Every arithmetic of the enemies against the program of God for my life, marriage and academic is hereby scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

4. Every mountain placed before me is hereby melt down by the thunder of God in JESUS Name

5. I will reach my place of destiny in this month of July in Jesus name

6. Power of risen above limitation is hereby scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

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