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Breaking The Boundary of Greatness


BIBLE READING: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10


For everyone that born of a woman has a purpose of become a greatness in God's Master Plan. The reality of it is that many could not become great according to God's will for them because they could not break the boundary of greatness as Jabez did.

Anyone that will become great must ready to break the boundary set around him or her. The boundary could be made through your parents, friends, brothers and sisters but they are NOT responsible for your failure. The mother of Jabez built boundary round him so that he will not become great as God designed for him; but Jabez paid the price and broke the boundary.

Dear friends, generational curse may be the boundary that you must break in order to become great in life. Education barrier may the boundary you must break for you to become and fulfill God purpose for your life. Mind you, God is in control of your life if you surrender your total life to Him in studies HIS words, praying unto Him and walk with Him.


1. Every boundary that generational curse built against me is hereby terminated by the Blood of Jesus 

2. Every boundary set before my business from the pity of hell is destroy today by the fire and thunder of God in Jesus name

3. In the capability of God mighty power, I take the new step to greatness in my life, business and marriage today in the name of Jesus 

4. Greatness is my portion as from today henceforth in Jesus name

5. Every gold that took away from me in the dream is hereby restore back in Jesus name

6. The way to my greatness that have been closed is hereby declare open by the fire and thunder of God

7. Everyone that own me salary or my benefits, I connect it back today in the name of Jesus

8. Anyone that own me salary, benefits etc, you are a liar, you will NOT have rest until you pay me my money in the name of Jesus 

9. By fire by force, in the name of Jesus, I receive all my benefits back in hundredfold from -------------------------- (mention the name of the person) in the name of Jesus 

10. My GOD and my Father, put end to the work of the enemies who hold my benefits, salary, etc let them be put to shame in Jesus name 

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