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Breaking the Boundary of Change


BIBLE READING: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10


Change is the only thing that is constant, but many did not accept to change. Be intentional to do something that will make you change. For instance, if you are talking too much, and you know that only be quite will make you change, make sure you stop talking, and this will lead to a change that you needed.

I believe that the change you needs now may be financial breakthrough, or spiritual transformation, or termination of barrenness and unfruitful, or change from sadness to success and peaceful mind, it may be change of old story to new story that will glory God your Creator. Nevertheless, whatever the change you desire or thing of, it can comes to pass and make it reality if you can dream and act on it. 

Never believe or accept that you cannot change, there is no one is above change in as much as such is ready for it. No situation or circumstances that cannot change. The situation you are today can change any moment from now. You only NEED to make the change happening, no one can do it for you. Be ready to connect and abide with the Lord Jesus Christ that have the key of changes in His hand. He said: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" Matthew 11:28

Dear friend, make sure you practices changes- practices what you desire to become. Without practice, there is no perfect. Practices make perfect.


1. As you witness today, 26th June, 2014, the power that raised Lazarus from dead after 4 days will raise every good things that have been dead back to life in your marriage, family, business and work in Jesus name.

2. The power that will cause instant change of good things will bestow upon you today in the name of Jesus

3. Change is constant, the mighty power of God that will make you experience changes in your finances, marriage and academic will fall upon you today in the name of Jesus

4. Whosoever that stand or sit on your glory and blessing, God mighty power will remove such person from the place of your honour in Jesus name

5. Every activities of the enemies that hinder changes of good things in your life will be scatter by thunder of God today in the name of Jesus Christ.

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