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Protection is From God


Good Morning Everybody,

This is the right time for everyone to awake from slumbering and face the reality of life. Terrorism, wars, afflictions, kidnappings, same-sex marriage, killings and selling human beings, etc are the signs for everyone to wake up and connect with heaven Power. 

There is NOTHING in this world that can protect you than the Almighty God. Psalm 91:1

Nothing can give you peace on this earth than the one that JESUS give- John 14:27.

No one can provides for your needs than the one your CREATOR provides for you.

Nothing can give you eternal rest than the one that Jesus Christ provided - John 14:6

Therefore start lives your life for CHRIST now, because HE is the only one that can do all for you.


1. I surrender my total life to Jesus Christ today, I will serve and follow HIM all the days of my life

2. As from today henceforth, I will abide under the shadow of the Almighty God, I will not be cut by the power of evil doers in Jesus name

3. God will expose every forms of terrorists working around your territory in Jesus name

4. In the capability of God's power, all the root of evil doers will be uproot by the thunder of God in Jesus name

5. All the network of the evil doers in your working place, where you lives and around your journey will be expose and scatter by thunder and bombs of God in Jesus name

6. Every steps I take, I will not fall to the pity of the enemies in the name of Jesus 

7. All my enemies that conspiracy against my progress, will expose and scatter by the thunder and bomb of God in Jesus name

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