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Prayers For Mercy and Forgiveness

PRAYER POINTS FOR ANOTHER 3 NIGHTS: Read Psalm 51. Then pray these prayers: 

1. My God and my Father, forgive me all my sins and wrong doings, wash me clean with your precious Blood in the name of Jesus.  

2. Every mark and sign of wrong doings pasted in me, wash away by the Blood of Jesus  

3. My God, in your mercy, set me free from every chain and captivity that hold me through me sins and wrong doings in the name of Jesus. 

4. The Blood of Jesus Christ, break every yoke of sins that hold slavery in the name of Jesus.  

5. The Blood of Jesus, break ever
y hand of evil that hinder my success and breakthrough in the name of Jesus.  

6. In the capability of God Mighty power, I possess and restore back everything good things that have been taken away from me through me wrong doings in the name of Jesus. 

7. Every chain and forces of setback working against me is hereby destroy and terminate by the power in the Blood of Jesus Christ..  

8. my God and my Creator, visit me tonight and do divine operation in all aspect of my life and bring back to me the glory you created with me in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Thanks you Jesus, thanks you God for answers my prayers in Jesus name I prayed.

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