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Let There be Light




The first spoken word from God is "Let there be light" Genesis 1:3.

These words was spoken in the Beginning of the creation of earth. It was spoken in order to put end to the darkness over the surface of the earth. 

"Let there be light" is a word spoken by the ONLY ONE that have authority over everything that exist both living and non-living things. It is word that give way to good things to exist and bring out precious glory.

"Let there be light" is a word spoken that zeal up everything that God created so that NOTHING can change it. It is the word that open heaven for rain to rain and bring out fruitfulness and blessing.

"Let there be light" is a word you need to put end to all your problem and challenges. It is the word you need to have financial breakthrough from the power of darkness that is working against your business, job and academic. It is the word you need to eradicate every.forces of darkness assigned against your marriage, family and business.

"Let there be light" is a word spoken word that you need make your vision a reality at the end of this month. It is the power you need to sustain and conquer every battle place before you in any journey you embark upon. It is the word you need to fulfill your divine destiny.


1. In the capability of God's light, I command every power working against my success on monthly basis to cease and paralyze in Jesus name 

2. Every forces of darkness in my parent's generation, hear the word of God, be scatter by the thunder of God and fire of God in Jesus name

3. All my way of greatness and success that had been block, be open by the light of the living God in Jesus name

4. My Father and My God, clothed me and beautify me with your divine light in the name of Jesus 

5. My God and my Father, guide all my way with your Light throughout this month and this year and my lifetime in Jesus name

6. My Father and my God, open your light upon me every where I go in JESUS name

7. As I started this month with light of God, I will end it with LIGHT and blessings of God in Jesus name  

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