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Deliverance From the Forces of Stagnant



Bible Reading: DEUTERONOMY 1:1-8

The journey of 11 days took the children of Israel 40 years. Instead to move forward, they move backward. Instead to go straight, they were going round. They growth in age but NOT grown in gain. They lived in stagnancy and achieved the same thing for 40 years. Nothing goo and positive to show off. They engaged in bitterness, fruitless, and failure for complete 40 years.

Thousands of people are in the same shoe with the Israelite, growing in age but not grow in grace. They are stagnant and not ready to achieve good and positive things in this world. They had been caged by the forces and power of stagnant. They had been hindered by the evil hands of wicked. Every business they do will result in fruitless, they had been in different colleges or university but no certificate of graduation. Such people are starting well of anything they do, but they end in failure, stagnant and fruitless. They lives in wants and in need without provisions.

They had been captivity and caged with sickness, poverty, infirmities, afflictions, sadness, sorrow, and sudden death. 

Dear friend, the situation you are today has expire date, and today is the expire day for it. The house you have started some years back shall be complete this year in Jesus name. That admission you have been struggles to get, God will give it to you this year. the sickness that had been your regular customer will expire today and pack its load in your life. Failure and disappointment you have been experience will expire today.

The Almighty God that commanded the people of Israel to depart from their stagnancy, He is still alive and is commanded you NOW to get out of your stagnant point. He has the power to take you out of your stagnant, He has a place of purpose that is taking you to. But you MUST ready to:

1. Obey Him and surrender to His Lordship

2. Follow Him and never look back

3. Tell Him your situation, never hidden your problem or challenges from Him

4. Worship,serve and glorify Him all the days of your life.


1. Confess all your sins and ask God to forgive you and wash you clean with the Blood of Jesus 

2. Every hands that keep me stagnant, die and cut off by the sword of God in Jesus name

3. Every chain of stagnancy in your life, business, job, family and marriage is hereby destroy by thunder of God in Jesus name

4. Every pity of stagnancy before me, is hereby closed by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name

5. Every evil hands that joined hands together in order for me to be stagnant, is hereby scatter by the bombs of God in Jesus name

6. In the capability of God's Mighty Power, I free from the cage and prison of stagnant in the name of Jesus 

7. In the name of Jesus, I recover every good things and my possession that the forces and power of stagnant have hold captivity in the name of Jesus 

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