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The Journey to The Palace



Bible Reading: I Samuel 16:14-23

There is no doubt that, everyone desire to be great and be in higher position, but not everyone that desire greatness are ready to pay the price.

Our today Bible reading make us understand the truth fact of being elected or chosen by God to be in a high place of honour. In the previous verses, David had been anointed as a King, but he has NOT take or go to where he will lives as a King. He was ordained by God but David go back to his busy where he shepherd. God that chosen and appointed him as a King has a plan to bring him to the palace where he will rules from.

Before David can be in the palace, something special that God had deposited in him is the one that will take him there. Our God is God of plan and fulfillment, before you are born, He knew what you will become, how to become and what it will take you to become it. God have deposited the gift of singing and playing keyboard into the life of David. Now wonder, the Bible make it clear that, "A gift of a man make way for him to be in the midst of kings and rulers".

A little gift of the Spirit that God given to you is the one you needed to take you to a place of honour, but do you value it? The gift of dreaming and see visions you have is enough for you to change your world to Christ. The gift of writing and visiting the poor and fatherless or motherless is enough for you to become what God destined you to be. That teaching you are doing is the only thing you needed to fulfill your purpose in life. Stop deceiving yourself of be running from one place to another seeking for solution, the solution is already deposited in you.

Remember, the Spirit of God departed from Saul and the evil spirit deposited in me. My brother and sister, you are either control and lead by the Spirit of God, or you are control or leads by the spirit of the devil. You are the candidate of God when you are control and lead by the Spirit of God - Romans 8:14.

Which spirit do you possessed - Holy Spirit or Witch Craft spirit? Which power is controlling you- the power of God or the power of gods? You cannot hide from God, you can deceive man but you cannot deceive your God your Creator. He knows you more than how you know yourself. 

God is looking for you in order to use you as HE used David to killed Goliath. God is looking for you to use as HE used Esther that delivered her people from bondage and sudden death of Haman. God can ONLY use you when you surrender your total living unto Him. He searched for David and He found David the son of Jesse, that is cunning in playing, and a mighty valiant man, a man of war, and prudent in matters, and a comely person and a man that the Lord is with. 1 Samuel 16:18.

Change yourself unto the direction of God today and God will change to you. Let Him see seriousness and holiness in you. Let Him see your faithfulness and commitment in spiritual things that is matter most. 


1. My God and my Lord, spring up the gift of the Holy Spirit in me in Jesus name

2. My Father and my Lord, search and locate me for your greatness in the name of Jesus 

3. My God and my Creator, deposit the new gift of the Holy spirit that I will use to witness more souls to your Kingdom in the name of Jesus 

4. Every evil spirit that is controlling my life, get out of me in the name of Jesus 

5. Enough is enough, get out of me you this demonic spirit that do not allow me to do the Will of God in the name of Jesus 

6. As from today henceforth, I possess the power of God to conquer and to lives according to the Will of God in the name of Jesus 

7. Father, take me out of my wilderness and to my place of honour in the name of Jesus Christ 

8. My God and my Lord, take me out of the wrong place that I position myself to in the name of Jesus 

9. Every demonic spirit that is controlling my marriage, business, job, work and daily activities, I command you to die by thunder and fire of God in the name of Jesus 


  1. Anonymous7.4.14

    Funmi Ayomide says:

    Hunnnnnnnnnmm my pastor you've forsake your sister so quick that you no longer send me prayer's point. My people here are hungry of your prayer bullet ooooooooo not only for me. God bless you my pastor & good afternoon, just when I was thinking of how forgot me you send the prayer's point. More anointing ooooo, pls we want the prayer bomb everyday my pastor.

    1. i was a little bit busy and occupied with program weeks ago. i was invited for program and this disallow me to send prayer bombs early in the morning like before

    2. Anonymous7.4.14

      Funmi Ayomide says:

      I understand but whenever I didn't receive the prayer bomb from you I always feel empty & that you & my sister are no more praying for me.

    3. I cannot deceive you, i was too occupied everyday, and we use to pray for you here

    4. Anonymous7.4.14

      Funmi Ayomide says:

      Alright my pastor, that clear my doubt & put my mind at peace that I am still part of your family.

  2. Anonymous7.4.14

    Sunday Oladeji says:
    pastor,more vision from above in Jesus name.


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