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Pursue Your Pursers


Topic: Pursue Your Pursers

Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 24:1-22

1. In the capability of the God's power, every forces, agents, power, and agenda that is monitoring you, your marriage, business, job, academic, ministry and family as whole will receive judgement of God and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

2. The purpose, plan and promise of God will come to fulfillment, manifest and materialize in your life, marriage, business, ministry, job, academic and family as whole in Jesus name

3. In the capability of God's power, I terminate and destroy every plan, purpose and mission of all your pursers against your marriage, life, business, job, academic and family in Jesus name

4. In the capability of God's Mighty Power, all your pursuers will be naked and put to shame by the thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

5. As this month is coming to close, every agenda of the devil that close your progress, breakthrough and blessing, shall be scatter by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

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