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Hook-Up With Your Destiny Helpers - Aide



Bible Reading: 1 SAMUEL 19:1-7

Message and prayer on destiny helpers, partner, assistant, aide, supporters, collaborator, etc could not be set aside. It is a prayer that we should be praying all the times as God directed. 

In our today Bible Reading, King Saul spake to his son - Jonathan and his servants that they should kill David at any time at any where. Despite the instruction and command order of Saul, yet God set aside JONATHAN to be a helper, supporter, assistant, aide, collaborator to DAVID.

My friends, any where you find yourself in this earth, do not expect everyone that sees you, working with you, playing with you, walking with you or talking with you to be your FRIEND. Some of them can be your enemies, and at the same time there will be at LEAST ONE of them to be your SUPPORTER, ASSISTANT, AIDE, or HELPER. 

Despite that JONATHAN was a son of Saul who decided to killed David, yet GOD ordained JONATHAN to be the helper to exposed the secret of the Assassination to David in such time. Jonathan confronted his father and told him the truth. Jonathan said:

"But Jonathan Saul's son delighted much in David: and Jonathan told David, saying, Saul my father seeketh to kill thee: now therefore, I pray thee, take heed to thyself until the morning, and abide in a secret place, and hide thyself:" 1 Samuel 19:2


1. Delighted Much in you - Beloved, there is a MAN or a WOMAN that delighted in you, in your affairs, in your marriage, in your business, job, academic, or your ministry. The person is divine ordained helper. No matter who you are, he/she will love you more than your expectation. When people see you or complain on your negatives, he or she we only see good and positive of you.

2. Expose the Secret Plan Against You - Ordained divine helper is ever ready to expose every secret plan against you. No matter how such person that plan to do evil to you close to such person, your divine helper will expose the secret. Jonathan was a son of Saul, yet he (Jonathan) exposed the evil planned of his father to David.Remember, the GREATEST AND ONLY ONE that can expose every secrets is the HOLY SPIRIT - John 16 vs 13, Luke 12 vs 12

3. He Confronted the Attackers - Enemies - Jonathan not only exposed the secret of his father to David, but he also confronted his father for the evil he planned against David. Your Divine Helper will never allow your enemies go without confronting them with the TRUTH and the POWER of destruction. 

4. Planned How You will Overcome Your Enemies and Challenges - Jonathan planned and set down the strategies to discover the secret, and what David will do to escape the trap of the enemies. Your divine helper will always fill with God's wisdom and strategies to be use for you to overcome every activities of the enemies at any given time.

5. Speak Good of You at Anytime at Anywhere - 1 Samuel 19 vs 4 = Jonathan spake good of Jonathan to his father, the enemy of David. Your divine helper will always speak good of you. Never speak or complain of your bad side activities.


1. My Father my God, hook me up with my destiny helpers in Jesus name

2. My God and my Lord, connect me with my destiny aide in Jesus name 

3. Today 22nd April, my Father and my God, send my destiny assistant to me in Jesus name 

4. My Father and my Saviour, with your mighty hands, direct my destiny aide to me in fullness in Jesus name 

5. My Father and my God, connect me with the helpers that will expose every secret and plan of the enemies to me in Jesus name 

6. My God and my Father, in your mercy join me those that will delight in my business, job, and ministry in Jesus name 

7. My Father, never allow my destiny helpers be frustrating or tire of be my helper in Jesus name 

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