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Divine Visitation Set the Prisoners Free

Divine Visitation Set the Prisoners Free

Bible Reading: Acts 12:1-12

As we have read in the beginning of the program that God can visit man through His angels. The example was written in Acts 12:1-ff. Peter was kept in prison and the church prayed for his freedom and God answer them.

When Peter was in prison, he could not do what he likes. He could not wear well and celebration cloth, even he could not sleep as he supposes to sleep. When a man is in prison of enemies, he has no access to good things that will glorify God in his or her life. A man in enemy prison is bond with chains and padlock. Such person also surrounded with guard.

If you are in prison of the enemy, you may have good visions and dreamt bright future, but you cannot achieve it until you leave the prison. Joseph has potentials that could make him great, but he could not achieve his dream until he was free from Portiphar’s prison (Genesis 41:1ff). Joseph has to change his prison clothed before he could be installed as commander-in-chief.

You cannot reach your destination of glorification with prison clothes and Herod chains in your hands. God sent His angel to set Peter free from the prison where he could have ended his life without fulfill his mission. But thanks God for the people that prayed for God’s intervention. (Acts 12:5).

There friend, as church earnestly prayed for Peter so also you are to pray for to intervene in your prison matter. Today must be a different day in your life. You chains must cutoff, your prison garments must tear, and your prison shoes must be remove in the name of Jesus.

Before you pray, remember that, the angel sent to Peter led him to the main gate of the prison. In other words, the angel makes sure that Peter not only free from the prison, but also get out of the prison to the right place for him to leaves.


1.    All the prison of enemies that caged me, pull down by earthquake of God in the name of Jesus.

2.    All the prison built in darkness world which all my blessing had been kept, I command you to release my possessions in the name of Jesus.

3.    All the guard assigned to guard me in the prison of the enemies, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus.

4.    My God and my Savior send your angel to deliver from the prison of poverty that caged my business in the name of Jesus.

5.    All my possessions are restoring back from the prison of enemies in the name of Jesus.

6.    All the chain that tied me down on a spot, cut by axe of God in the name of Jesus.

7.    All door and gates of prison that have been closed against my work, academic, marriage and family, open by thunder of God in the name of Jesus.

8.    As you sent angel to led Peter to his destination, O God sent down your angel to lead me to the place of my fruitfulness in the name of Jesus.

9.    All the prison yards of enemies against me or my work, I command it to pull down by fire in the name of Jesus.

10. All the prisoners’ clothes that put on me, I put them of and burn them with fire of God in the name of Jesus.

11. I wash the entire prisoner’s mark or sign in my life or business with the Blood of Jesus.

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