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Topic: Divine Provisions

Bible Reading: Luke 5:1-10

Provisions are from God, and He gives to those who He loves. Divine visitation gives divine provisions (Ruth 1:6). Things you need are available from above, and it will come to you when God visit you. When Jesus visited Peter and his colleagues in their place of work, He provided for their needs, and put an end to their unfruitful. Luke 5:2-7.

You need provision, your children need provision and your household needs provisions. The children of God are entitling for God’s provision. God’s provision is an open door for breakthrough and unlimited blessing. He knows what you needs, but you have some steps to take.

When Host of Heaven visited Abraham and Sarah in their house, it resulted in provided for their immediate needs. But Abraham does his part (he gave them food to ate) Genesis 18:1-ff. When Jesus visited Peter and his friend in their place of work, Peter gave Jesus his boat to preach the Gospel (Luke 5:2-6).

You also must give something to God in order to provide for your immediate needs. You must give Him costly thing in your hands. The widow of Zarephath gave only meal (costly) to prophet Elijah, and door of provisions open from Heaven (I Kings 17:8-16). Remember that, Abraham gave his only son (Isaac) for sacrifice, but God provided ram in return.

You may not know your immediate needs, but God knows and He is ready to provide it for you and your household. You also be ready to pay your tithe, gives to this ministry, and assist the needy you know. Obedience is profitable! Isaiah 1:19.


1. The door of provisions that have closed against me, I command you to be open today in the name of Jesus.

2. All doors that have closed against my handiwork, I command you to be open in the name of Jesus.

3. The door of mercy that have close against me, be open in the mercy of God.

4. All doors leads me to my helper that have been closed, I release the thunder of God to open them for me in the name of Jesus.

5. Every fig tree that stands on the road which hinders me to be successful is withered in the name of Jesus.

6. Every spiritual tree that has taken the position of the good things in my life, business, family and home is withered with fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

7. I command all the trees of failure plant in my ways daily, be uprooted by thunder in the name of Jesus.

8. Every strange tree that has been plant into my business, education, marital life and my family life shall not bear fruit in Jesus name.

9. O Lord my God, opens the door of Heaven store over my life and business in the name of Jesus.

10. My Provider, I open door of my business for you, come in and increases my business in Jesus name.

11. Enough is enough, all trees that stop people to come to my help is uproot and consume by fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

12. Every thing that have been assigned from the darkness purposely to stop me from be fulfilling God’s purpose, dreams and vision is destroy and terminate by the power of resurrection in Jesus name.

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