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War Against Satanic Arrows



Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 18:10-16

If you read today's Bible reading humbly, you will discover that, king Saul that David healed through his songs ministration is the same king Saul that sent arrow to David. The same man that David help to conquered his enemies, is the same David that king Saul set trap to catch for several times. 

Jezebel took away Naboth's land, and the same Jezebel sent arrow letter of death to Naboth which resulted in sudden death of Naboth - 1 Kings 21:1-14

Beloved, who is that person you so love but programmed arrow of death to you? Who is that boss or servant that hated you to the point of sending arrow of sickness to you? Who is that satanic agent that accepted the contract of harm you with arrow of madness and afflictions? Who is the person that vowed from the pity of hell to destroy your destiny through arrow?

Today's prayer bombs is for ONLY people that are ready to be free from bondage and captivity that the arrows of the enemies have kept them. I believe, if Naboth have heard about the plan of Jezebel and have opportunity to get himself pray before the arrow letter of Jezebel came, I know Naboth could have not died like that. Remember that, God fought for Naboth after he has died. But for you, you must fight the battle so that anti-Jezebel will not get you down.


1. Every evil arrow send to me, back to sender with fire in the name  of Jesus 

2. Evil arrow of death planned against me, back to sender in the name  of Jesus 

3. Arrow of sickness sent to me in the dream back to sender in the name  of Jesus 

4. Arrow of infirmities and afflictions programmed for me back to sender with thunder in the name  of Jesus 

5. Arrow of rising and falling sent to my business, job and work, get out of my territory and back to sender with fire in the name  of Jesus 

6. Every arrow of failure programmed on my name and my photos, backfire to sender in the name  of Jesus 

7. Arrow of hatred and trials from every angle that is working in my marriage, you are a liar, die by thunder in the name  of Jesus 

8. Evil arrows of pre-matured and sudden death planted in my family foundation, die by thunder in the name  of Jesus 

9. Every arrow of debts in my life and business, get out by thunder and go back to send in hundredfold in the name  of Jesus 

10. Every fruits of arrows from the satanic kingdom work in my marriage, business, education, spiritual lives, job/work, be uprooted by fire by thunder in the name  of Jesus 

11. All the hands that shoot arrows to me in the dream, through food, through bath, through speaking, die and scatter by thunder of God in the name  of Jesus 

12. Every where that the arrows of the enemies has work to in my territory, business, job, marriage, and my education, your time is expire today by thunder of God, die in the name  of Jesus 

13. Every door of greatness, fruitfulness, and success that the arrows of the enemies has closed, I declare them open with the Mighty Power of the Mighty God in the name  of Jesus 

14. Every arrows that turned me to sickner, die by thunder of God in the name  of Jesus 

15. I remove every arrow in my body with the power in the Blood of Jesus in the name  of Jesus 

16. I cover myself, children, wife/husband, education, business, job, work, and my spiritual lives with the Blood of Jesus, no arrow send to me shall prosper in the name  of Jesus   


  1. Anonymous7.3.14

    Funmi Ayomide say:
    Thank you for everything my pastor, more anointing sir.

    Amen my pastor & say me well to my sister.

  2. Anonymous7.3.14

    Abioye Psalmist olaleye say:
    Thanks sir pray for me am going for my nysc by next week Tuesday sir I'm posted to Oyo state


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