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War Against Evil Powers



Bible Reading: Ephesians 6:10-27

Every person alive is engaged in this battle, whether he realizes it or not. There is no neutral ground. Unbelievers are in bondage to evil and have been taken captive by the enemy forces. They are victims of the war. Believers have been freed from the enemy through Jesus Christ and are victors, but they are still engaged as soldiers in the war.

Ephesians 6:12 indicates that we (all believers) wrestle against evil spiritual forces. Wrestling involves close personal contact. No one is exempt from this battle. No one can view it from a distance. You are in the midst of conflict whether you acknowledge it or not. If you believe it will get better, you are wrong. The Christian warfare never ceases. You must recognize that all battles of life, whether physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, financial or with human personalities are only outward manifestations of a spiritual cause.

Something surprises me in the way people mostly Christians are handle spiritual matters. Many have tried to correct the evils of this world through medicine, education, legislation, and improved environment. It has not worked because the visible evils of the world are the results of an underlying spiritual cause. They cannot be corrected by natural means, but by spiritual means given and lay down in God Holy Bible.


1. Every evil forces confronting my destiny, die and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

2. Every supernatural evil power working against my breakthrough die and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

3. The supernatural powers in the realm of the spirit monitoring my affairs, you are a liar, arrest by thunder of God and scatter by fire of God in Jesus name

4. Enough is enough for evil supernatural powers send from the darkness world to hinder my helpers, your day is expire today in Jesus name

5. Every arrow of failure sent to my destiny from the camp of evil powers, send back to sender by fire by forces in Jesus name

6. All the supernatural powers of evil that bury my glory, die and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

7. Evil supernatural powers that behind my risen and fallen, receive the judgment of God with thunder of God in Jesus name

8. Every demarcation of evil supernatural powers line against my business, ministry, work, education, marriage and family, terminated and expire by the Blood of Jesus

9. Every seed of evil supernatural powers planted in my business, ,marriage, ministry, work/job, and my spiritual living, be uprooted by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

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