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Divine Location



Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Today is another meaningful day in the history of mankind, because today is the last day in the month of March 2014. I believe that as today end the month of March, so also today will be the end of every frustration, sorrow, sickness, barrenness and disappointment in your history.  

In our Bible Reading for today, God rejected King Saul and He looked for replacement, in other word, He search for another man to be a King over His people, and He located David - a man without education, the youngest son in the house, a brother that no one think of good thing for, a child who always lives in the bush/desert in order to take care of his father's business. 

David did not dreamed or seen himself be a king, but God located him and anointed as a King of Israel. Beloved, you may not dream or see vision of be a great in the hand of God, but I'm telling you that, divine location will locate you as you are crossing over to the new month of April.


Let it clear to you, divine location as nothing to do with your education (certificate) or your age. Divine location has nothing to do with man or government protocol or due process. Divine location has nothing to do with your language or who gave birth to you. Divine location has nothing to do with who is your mother in-law or father-in-law. Divine location has nothing to do with who will be your witness or guarantor in order to get it. Divine location has nothing to do with your status or your gender. 

Divine location is God arrangement  which no man or power can stop. When God locate you, all human protocol must suspend. When you are locate by God, your story MUST change, and your present must bring out joy unlimited. When God locate you, all your family and everyone seen you must bow down for you. When God locate you, no man can chose to replace you. 1 Samuel 16:6-12.

When God locate you, you will surely be anoint from above and the power to move forward will bestow upon you. When you are divine located, every good things that hard for you to achieve will easily achieve without delaying. When God located Zachariah and Elizabeth, their barrenness expired and the gave birth to history maker child at old age. Luke 1:11-17.


There is no doubt that, you want Divine Location as you are crossing over to the new month called April. But before God can locate you, you MUST:

1. Repent all your sins - 2 Samuel 12:13, Psalm 32:3-5

2. Have a right heart with God - 1 Samuel 17:45-47

3. Forgive and forget any evil a man or woman had done to you -

4. Be ready to walk with God and in the Spirit of God throughout your lifetime 

5. Concern with God's business - 1 Chronicles 17:1-2, 22:5

6. Be faithful to all your promises make to God or to human beings - 2 Samuel 9:1-13

7. Addicted in daily prayer 


1. Confess all your sins and ask for the forgiveness and mercy from God

2. My God and my Lord, locate me with your divine mercy in the name of Jesus 

3. As the month of March 2014 ended today, in God mercy and favour all my sorrow is hereby expire in the name of Jesus 

4. As God divinely located David, in this coming month of April, God favour will locate me in fullness in the name of Jesus 

5. When God located DAVID, all his brother bowed down and honour, what will make every man and woman see me to honour, God do it in my life in the name of Jesus 

6. Despite that David was in the desert, God located him to be a King, wherever I lives, my God located me with your unlimited mercy and unlimited breakthrough in the name of Jesus 

7. Despite the young age of David, God located him and anointed him with power to succeed, my God locate me with your divine power of unlimited breakthrough and glorification

8. As from today henceforth, I will become head not the tail. My story will change and no longer a beggar in the name of Jesus  

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