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Are You A Mother or A Murderer?


Topic: Are You A Mother or A Murderer?

Bible Reading: Luke 1:5-7

As the entire world is celebrating MOTHER'S DAY, every woman should ask herself a simple and serious question - Am a Mother or Murderer? Not every woman that is celebrating Mother's Day today are truly mother. Many are physically mother, but inwardly murderer. It is possible to bear mother's or woman name but it is another thing to have the fruits of motherhood.

A woman who aborted pregnancy of her womb is NOT a mother but a murderer. A mother who led her daughter to concubine is a murderer not a mother. A woman who is quarrelsome and fighter in the house and society is NOT a mother but a murderer. A woman who is thief and smuggler is NOT a mother but a murderer. A woman who loves fashion and engage in world enjoyment is NOT a mother but a murderer. A woman who only run after worldly beauty but neglect Godliness is NOT a mother but a murderer. A woman who is her focus is to acquire wealth without heavenly focus is NOT a mother but a murderer. A woman who is using evil power and demonic spirit to satisfy her daily engagement and activities is NOT a mother but a murderer.


Elizabeth is one of the mother that lives a life of motherhood - Luke 1 vs 5-7.
She was a woman who was barren and has no hope of getting baby again. But her life with her Creator was not barren or shaken. 

She lived a righteous and holy life despite her marital challenges. She lived a faithful life with her husband and committed to her responsibilities both in the house and in the society at large. Luke 1:59-60

She never she her barrenness as an obstacle to lives a purposeful and fulfilling destiny in God's Master plan. 

She never complain or compromise her integrity despite the confrontation of the forces of failure.

Elizabeth walked with God NOT with the world. Luke 1:6

She embraced and praised the blessing of God - Luke 1:24-25

She filled with the Holy Ghost not with holy wine of demonic agents - Luke 1:41 

Her son became a vessel in the hand of God not a tool in the hand of satan or devil as many children be in our society today.Luke 1 vs 13-17

Elizabeth is a mother who care, share and take prayer as a serious responsibilities on daily basis.

Indeed, Elizabeth is a mother who represent a motherhood that every woman should follow her steps.

As you are celebrating Mother's Day, remember to forsake all evil practices and actions you engage with. Return back to God your Creator for cleansing and ennoblement. May GOD bless and cause you to become a model of Biblical motherhood of your generation in Jesus name.


1. Thanks God for given you grace to witness this year Mother's Day

2. I will lives long in peace and blessing in Jesus name,

3. All my children will become a vessel in the hand of their Creator in Jesus name 

4. As long as Elizabeth did not failed God, I will not fail God and I will fulfill the plan and purpose of God for my life in Jesus name

5. My marriage will not crack or destroy in the name of Jesus 

6. Thnak you God for created me a woman.

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  1. Anonymous30.3.14

    Adeyemi Oluwagbenga say:

    Great write up sir and food for thought..The Lord will increasing your wisdom and more of HIS anointing Holy Spirit to you sir..IN JESUS NAME.AMEN!


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