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“Therefore, thy gates shall be opened continually. They shall not be shut day or night, that men may bring into thee the forces of the Gentiles and that their king may be brought for the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish, yea those nations shall be utterly wasted. The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the fir tree the pine tree and the box together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary. I will make the place of my feet glorious” Isaiah 60; 11-13

“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries” 1 Corinthians 16:9

Uncommon door of preaching the Gospel was opened for Apostle Paul during his days, and many adversaries are there to stop him. Uncommon door of success, breakthrough, promotion, marriage, and appointment, are designed and purpose from God to open to people at any given time.

Jesus Christ is the only one that can make such door to open you at any given time. At the same time, many doors of uncommon opportunities had opened to many people but they couldn’t make use of it because of the adversaries working against it. For instance, many sisters and brothers have got married, but no child. Many got good job and engage in good businesses, but no good profit to show from it. In one way or the other, the adversaries are the one working against the openness of such opportunities. But today, there work is over in your life.

Jesus said, “I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy, I am come that they might have life, and that might have it more abundantly” John 10:9-10

In the above passage of the Bible, Jesus stated it clearly that, is the only ONE that is the door for good opportunities including from eternal life with others things you needed. But, Satan and his agents are adversaries available only to steal, kill and destroy the opportunities that Jesus brought for us. Today prayer is focus on the adversaries that can stand or work against the doors of opportunities ahead of you this year and years to come.


1. Every power assigned from the pity of hell to hinder my progress this year, is hereby destroy by thunder of God in Jesus name

2. Every close door of my progress for this year 2014, I declare them open by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

3. My God My Father, give me your uncommon favour that will lead to open door of breakthrough in all aspect of life to me in Jesus name

4. Every spirit of barrenness in my life, marriage, business, education and work is expire today in God’s uncommon favour in Jesus name.

5. The forces of adversaries against my the door of opportunities from God to me, die by thunder of God in Jesus name

6. Today is the Tenth day of this Year 2014 Fair Havens, I receive Tenth fold of multiple blessing and breakthrough with the uncommon favour of God.

7. Door of effectual opportunities for great things is hereby declare open before this year and years to come in Jesus name

8. Any power assigned to stop or close the door of great things before me, you are a liar die by thunder of God in Jesus name

9. Failure get out of my domain in the name of Jesus

10. Evil carrier carry your load from my premises in the name of Jesus

11. I receive and posses the Power to do extra-ordinary exploits in my generation in the name of JESUS

12. The power that make me to rise and fall die in the name of Jesus 


  1. Anonymous10.2.14

    Olubunmi Ogunniyi says: God will continue to empower asnd refill you with His spirit.

  2. Anonymous10.2.14

    Lorraine Nelson says: please pray or send me a prayer against sexual dreams i have every night, despite of praying Blood of Jesus and covering myself with the Blood.

    1. Mikoas Prophetic Prayer Ministry says: PRAY THESE PRAYERS BOMBS IN 9 NIGHTS WITH PSALMS 18 AND 91:

      1. I confess all my sins - fornication, adultery, abortion, lying, stealing from men, etc in the name of Jesus. You must confess all the sins you have committed in the area of fornication, taking things like money, clothes, etc from men you did not marry. Luke 13:3, 5

      2. O Lord my God, have mercy on me today and wash away all my sins that cause me to be sex in the dream in the name of Jesus

      3. The agent of spiritual husband assigned to have sex with me in the dream, die by thunder of God in Jesus name

      4. Every covenant of sex in dream that had been made with me, my name and my picture, expire today in the Blood of Jesus

      5. Every forces of darkness assigned to have sex with me in the dream, scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

      6. Spiritual husband that I contaminated through the sin fornication, separated from me by thunder and fire of God.

      7. My God and my Lord, put boundary between me and those that have sex with me in the dream in the name of JESUS

      8. Spiritual husband in my life die in Jesus name

      9. Fire of God surrounding me as from today in the name of Jesus

    2. Anonymous10.2.14

      Lorraine Nelson says: Bro ! i realise that i have clothing and articles belonging to a dead person.. and i use these! Also i have in my home many household articles, furniture, linen, kitchen articles, even stationery, belonging to a person who was a freemason and who has committed suicide, he got baptised and we were to marry !!! ! how do i rid myself of all these things ?Please pray for me for grace and strength to do this.. even the knobs on my cupboards ??

      He transferred whatever he could to my home as he was to sell his home and move in with me.. the rest of the furniture we were to send to my home in another city, but that never happened thank GOD>> His people broke the relationship saying i was taking him to hell as i was a christian, and them catholic..

    3. Well, if you can give away all those clothes that belong to dead person it would be okay.

      You said that the relationship between you and the freemason had been broke? If truly the relationship had been broke, you should return everything that belongs o him back to him. Doing this will make you lives a peaceful lives and free from contaminating.

      It is not good for a child of God to accommodate what is belongs to devil or his agents. You should dissociate yourself from any thing, man or woman, power or journey that is of evil. 2 Corinthians 6 vs 14-18, 1 Corinthians 6 vs 15-20

  3. Anonymous10.2.14

    Obuchukwu Ugwu says:
    greetings to u dear man of God, am evangelist obuchukwu ugwu from Nigeria,by his grace am d president of share with me,is a place we communicates his divine presence, for maximum impact for life transforming and changing thoughts is also place we train up men and women mostly youths who's become more effective who,s characters fragrance that will diffusre into fabrics of our environment communities,states and our countries,and will rule and build up our nation will clean up our nation with fear of God, in various leadership positions. i as young evangelist is a vision where are , we rent house for d cultist including street guys and empowering them, and reaching out bibles and material of study, to give their lives a meaning Jesus loves them and he actually died for them.we need ur support to stand with them.and to food them +2347060770845,+2348186748855 our mobile lines God bless u.

  4. Anonymous10.2.14

    Awoleye Toladus says: I and my family are lifted up with the favour of God

  5. Anonymous10.2.14

    The Lord is your strength and He will see you through gloriously. He will do exceedingly abundantly more than what you can ask, think or imagine in Jesus name.


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