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Happy Sunday to You



BIBLE READING: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

One of the greatest things that thousands of people lost today and hinder them to become what they should become in life is losing of uncommon destiny helpers. Uncommon destiny helper is needed for everyone to excel and successful in life. The Bible makes it clear that no man or woman can succeed alone without destiny helpers (Eccl. 4:9-12).

There are uncommon destiny helpers that God ordained to uncommon favour you which you must connected with them before you can become who you should become. When you are connected with uncommon destiny helpers, great door of great things will open for you. Uncommon favour for uncommon helpers is the favour you receive that make your helpers know you, identify you and bear with you despite your situation or your status.

Joseph is a man that received uncommon favour that connected him with his destiny helpers. The Bible makes it clear that, Joseph was highly favour anywhere he find himself. When he was in the Potiphar’s house he was highly and uncommon favour, so also he was uncommon favour when he was in the prison (Genesis 39 vs 4, 21). Joseph was connected with the man that connected him with Pharaoh from prison. It was after two years that the man remembered Joseph with uncommon favour that took him to the uncommon position in the strange land (Genesis 41 vs 1, 9, 39-43).

Do you desire to be great and fulfill your divine destiny? Be ready to invoke uncommon favour that will connect you to uncommon destiny helpers. Therefore, be ready to do the following:

Firstly, run away from sins – Joseph separated himself from sinning and run away from the friend that can cause him to sin.

Secondly, demonstrate godly character in every situation – despite that Joseph was in needs, yet he does not robbed his master. He was faithful in his doing and to everyone around him.

Thirdly, exhibiting aggressive prayer – there is power in prayer, the more you pray the more you get connect with your divine helpers of uncommon favour. Don’t be silence, heaven use to silence with those that close their mouth. When speak to heaven, the heaven will open and response to your inquiry.


1. My God and my Father, have uncommon mercy for me today and wash away my sins with your precious Blood of Jesus

2. The uncommon favour for uncommon destiny helpers bestow upon me today in the name of Jesus

3. My uncommon destiny helpers, where are you, connect with me today in the name of Jesus

4. Every blockage between me and my uncommon destiny helpers be remove by thunder of God today in the name of Jesus

5. My Father and my God, in your uncommon favour, connect me with my uncommon destiny helpers before the end of this year in Jesus name

6. Every chain that hold my destiny helpers, break by thunder of God in Jesus name

7. Every door that lead to my destiny helpers, be open in the name of Jesus

8. O God my Lord, empower my destiny helpers in order to help me in Jesus name

9. All the criminal that stop my destiny helpers, die by thunder of God in Jesus name

10. The veils that cover stage between me and my uncommon destiny helpers is hereby remove by fire of God in Jesus name.


  1. Anonymous9.2.14

    Amen and amen. May the present of God shine! Doing good! Blessed a needy soul this week in class. Was truly blessed by just helping her. She cried and I just smiled! From Pennie Anderson

  2. Anonymous9.2.14

    Gotta run for now my son, know that you are truly blessed, highly favored and loved in The Lord! Pennie Anderson

  3. Anonymous9.2.14

    Amen i love all the prayer points becos i believe it will take impact in my life. Elizabeth German


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