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The power of God’s Holiness
Holiness is one of the attributes of God, and it has two basic ideas in the Holy Bible as it relates to God.
Firstly, holiness is the natural quality of God which is co-existent with and applicable to everything that God is or stands for (Exodus 15:11, 1 Samuel 2:2, Isaiah 57:15.
Secondly, the other aspect of holiness is the ethical aspect by which, while relating to His creatures, He is separated from moral declension and sin (Job 34:10, Hab 1:13).
Almost inseparable from holiness are two other moral attributes, namely, goodness and righteousness.
Righteousness and justice are used interchangeably in the Bible.
Righteousness means straightness, suggesting and action that conform with a norm. It is evident as God relates with man (Jeremiah 9:24) and between persons (Jeremiah 22:3). It is said that righteousness is behind the formation of a law while justice is the Lord’s basis of administration. God’s righteous in character, and His actions are righteous. At the same time, we are saved to live righteous lives, Psalm 11:7, Acts 10:35, Ephesians 2:10).
Goodness is the quality of being and doing good. God is qualitatively good, moral excellence (Psalm 25:8, Mark 10:18), and actively good, Romans 2:4, Matthew 5:44-45.
We usually make haste to demonstrate our power and abilities because that give us a place or credentials in the heart of people, but the Lord God naturally and quickly shows His infinite love and mercy.
Moses in a sharp reaction to the ungodly attitudes of the people of God had broken into pieces the tablets on which God had written His commandments (Exodus 32:15-22). God was displeased with the people and promised further future punishments. God is gracious and yet cannot tolerate sins or accept evil deeds of anyone.
The journey of life is a must journey which must continue with God directives. Moses could not imagine a journey without God’s presence. Do you covet God’s presence in your journeys of life? Moses made humble request – he wanted God to teach him (Exodus 33:12-13). God agreed but Moses needed further assurance. The Lord consented.
Another request was made, he (Moses) wanted to see God’s glory Exodus 33: 13, 18, Luke 9:30-32). God gave instructions (34 vs 1-2), and Moses obeyed (34 vs 4). Instead of showing His glory as Moses demanded, God passed by and pronounced His compassion, grace, love, faithfulness, and readiness to deal with rebels and rebellion. What a holy God!
God is good to the saint and the sinner and cannot be faulted for any of his inscrutable actions.
The goodness is manifested as He continuously shows mercy, favour and long-suffering to the people He had created in His image. His righteousness makes it impossible for Him to absolve an unrepentant sinner from the penalty of sins. He pardoned Jacob, yet he could not evade the reward of his smartness.
Dear friend, let it be known to you that God will never act contrary to all His attributes. You should make it an effort to understand the dept and magnitude of God’s goodness and righteousness. Moreover, you should take advantage of God’s infinite mercy and goodness so as to avoid His righteous but severe dealings with the unrighteous.

Whenever we go outside the word of God (His directives) to find solutions to our problems, we always rationalize and justify ourselves, but our condition or pressures from any source cannot extenuate our wrongs or mitigate the consequences. We must be ready to bear the results of actions and deeds.


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    Pst Okoro say: Thank you very much for involving us in this wonderful and effective prayer meeting.

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    Tarfa Danju say: I want to go to school i need God miracal of brani, knowlege, wisdon & understanding i need financial breakthrough. please man of God help me that is my problem

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    Noelle E. Sewell say: May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen you and your family to win souls and to encourage the body of Christ.


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