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Overcoming The Power of Suffering

PRAYER BOMBS FOR 57TH DAY IN YEAR 2014 (Wed. 26th February 2014)


God did not create suffering. It originally entered the world through man’s sin which was instigated by Satan (Genesis 3). When man yielded to Satan's temptation and sinned, suffering entered the world. Sin, which resulted in all suffering, can be traced to its originator, Satan.  Although there are different reasons why suffering enters your life, all suffering can be traced back to this original source.

Happily, in the life of a believer, God can take suffering, which Satan intends for evil, and turn it for good to accomplish His purposes. It can actually become an opportunity for the power of God to be demonstrated in your life.

The Bible has much to say concerning suffering, problems, and afflictions. In summarizing its teaching, we discover five ways that suffering can enter a believer’s life. All suffering you face in life will come through one of these ways, but I will only focus on one of these suffering for today’s prayer:

Number one way that suffering can enter your life is through people around you:
Suffering and difficult circumstances of life may come through others around you. Joseph is an example of this type of suffering. Through no fault of his own, Joseph was sold into Egypt by his brothers, was imprisoned falsely by Potiphar's wife, and was forgotten by those he helped in prison. 

People around you may be the cause of the suffering you encountering of. It doesn’t mean how long you have been with the person, or how cordially you are with such people; it may be your parent, spouse, friend, son or daughter. Despite the suffering of Joseph through the people around him like his brothers and his Boss wife, yet Joseph fulfill his divine destiny, and he did not see the suffering as a way to be enemy with anyone. 

In his response, Joseph said: Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither; for God did send me before you to preserve life. . . so now it was not you that sent me hither but God. (Genesis 45:5,8)
May God give you heart to see the suffering you are facing as a means to reach your divine destination as programmed by God.


1. My God and my Lord, thank you for allowed this suffering to happened to me
2. Father, forgive me all my sins through my actions and speech in this suffering in Jesus name
3. Every gathering of forces that caused suffering for me scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name
4. My Father and my God, give me sufficient power to overcome this suffering around me in Jesus name
5. God, give me uncommon favour to overcome every suffering caused by my family and friends in the name of Jesus.
6. Every genesis of suffering through the people around me is hereby expire today in the name of Jesus
7. As Joseph triumph over the people that caused suffering for him, my God and my Father, give me uncommon grace to triumph over the power of suffering of people around me in Jesus name
8. Joseph did not die until he fulfilled his destiny, I shall not die but fulfill the purpose of God for my life in Jesus name
9. As the Joseph’s brothers became his servant, so shall it be for all the people that caused suffering for me. They will all become my servant in the name of Jesus 
10. Today is 57th day in year 2014, it will mark the end of suffering in my life and mark the beginning of new thing in my life in Jesus
11. All Satanic agents around me will receive disgrace and shame in the name of Jesus
12. I will lives and enjoying the goodness as from today henceforth in the name of Jesus  


  1. Anonymous26.2.14

    Cenoreta Reta say:
    We Pray for that

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    Amen-Omoigui Edith Nkolika say:

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    Nwokolo Jessica say:

  4. Anonymous26.2.14

    Pennie Anderson say:
    Amen, I pray this for my life, from this day forward in Jesus name I ask of thee dear Lord!!!

  5. Anonymous26.2.14

    Ajisebutu Precious say:
    Thanks SIR. MORE GRACE in Jesus name.

  6. Anonymous26.2.14

    Victoria Ashaolu Ajewole say:
    Amen this is great more annointy sir


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