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There are two major ways in which every man can invest, is either you invest physically or spiritually. But my major focus in today's prayer Bombs is Spiritual Investment. And Abraham will be our major focus.

Abraham invested his whole life in that which was not visible in the natural world. God had given Abraham the promise of a beautiful land, yet he himself never set foot in this country:

"And He gave him none inheritance in it, no not so much as to set his foot on:  Yet He promised that He would give it to him for a possession, and to his seed after him, when as yet he had no child."  (Acts 7:5)

A land was promised which Abraham had not seen.  It was promised to a son he did not have.  Yet Abraham did not doubt God.  He invested his life in the plan of God in order for the promise of God to be fulfilled in future generations.

The vision of the harvest is eternal in nature.  You will spend your whole life invested in that which is not visible. But the results are eternal.  When you invest spiritually, you will be bless and the generations to come will be blessed because you fulfill the vision.

Abraham invested the only son given to him from God for spiritual purpose. He lay down only the son Isaac for sacrifice, and God reward him physically.

Dear Friends, this is right time for you to invest spiritually. Give your heart to God now is the number one spiritual investment God require from you. 1 Chronicles 28 vs 9, Matthew 22 vs 37-38. Do it will not only bring positive changes to your life but bring out the best in you and cause you to triumph over all your enemies, and you will finally reign with Him in His Kingdom. God bless you


1. My God and my Lord, wash all evil seeds away in my heart with your Blood.

2. My God and my Lord, make my heart clean and be pure before you in the name of Jesus 

3. I dissociate my heart from evil thought in the name of Jesus 

4. Every thought and plan of evil against my life is hereby terminate by the Blood of Jesus 

5. My heart shall not be a container of evil thoughts and evil seeds in the name of Jesus 

6. As from today henceforth, my God let my heart seek your WILL and obeying your commandments in the name of Jesus 

7. Every thoughts of failure and sickness from the enemies to me is hereby cancel and return back to sender in the name of Jesus 

8. I possess the power of God to do the right things at the right time in God's Will in the name of Jesus 

9. Every hindrances to my breakthrough that was caused by my evil thoughts is hereby removed by the fire and thunder of God in Jesus name

10. I claimed back every good things that I have lost through my evil thoughts in the name of Jesus 

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