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Glorious Prayers

From now on till everlasting,
I pray wt YOU that, You shall be great.
You shall be fruitful.
You shall be victorious.
You shall be celebrated.
You shall be successful.
You shall be favoured.
You shall be blessed in abundance.
You shall be prosperous.
You shall have joy unspeakable.
You shall have peace beyond limits.
You shall make it.
You shall testify.
You shall be lifted high beyond falling.
You shall excel in all that you do.
You shall be called Wonderful.
Where the road is thirsty of flesh and blood, you and your loved ones will not go there.
The evils that will happen will not know your dwelling place.
Death messengers will not know your address.
The miracles in the year shall locate your household.
Your heart desires will not be cut-short.
 I will not cry because of you.

I pray that your picture will not be used for RIP IJMN. Good morning.

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