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Lack of faith hinders healing, so you need to increase your faith for healing. It is not necessary to be a person with great faith, just a person with a little faith in a great God.  Faith is believing God will heal you, not can heal you. Satan believes God can heal, but wants to keep from you the truth that He will.

Your own faith is not an absolute necessity for healing. It is desirable, but not a prerequisite to healing in every case. When Jesus ministered healing, there were many who were healed who could not have faith. Some of them were dead. Some were healed because of the faith of a friend or relative who brought them to Jesus.
Your faith is just one channel of healing, but because it is something God uses, it is important to develop it.

Healing faith is not:
1. The faith by which you are saved.
2. The "faith of our Fathers."
3. Faith in your own faith, the response of your faithfulness, ie., "I'm doing my part, now you do yours.

Healing faith is:
1. The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
2. Expecting God to do what He has promised.

Healing faith can be:
1. Faith of one who prays.
2. Faith of one who seeks healing.
3. Faith of friends.
4.Faith of relatives.

Faith for healing comes from hearing the Word of God about healing.  Relating experiences will encourage your faith, but only hearing the Word of God increases your faith. Isaiah begins the redemption chapter with "Who has believed our report?" To believe the report, they must hear it. Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing the Word of God. "Word" in this verse means "the specific sayings of God" which--in the case of health--would be the passages that concern healing.

Jesus did not condemn people about their level of faith. He encouraged them and increased it with the Word. Believe when you pray (Luke 11:24). Many do not get their prayers answered because they have hope (future) instead of faith. Faith "IS" means it is present. During the period between your prayer and the manifestation in your physical body, look to God, not symptoms. 

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