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PRAYER BOMBS FOR DAY 56TH IN YEAR 2014 - 25th February 2014


The yoke of man is bondage put on you by others; it may be from parent, friends, wife or husband, child; colleague, boss or master, etc. King Pharaoh is Moses time put on yoke upon the children of Israel (Exodus 1:8-14). The burden makes the lives of the Israelite miserable and bitter. Taskmasters were assigned to monitored and nurture them with hard labor and heavy burdens on daily basis.

Jesus Christ also spoke of this type of yoke when He said:
“For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne and lay them on men's shoulders but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.”  (Matthew 23:4).

The yoke of man can include the bondage of guilt, affliction, burden, tradition, denomination, or impossible standards of behavior imposed by others. The yoke of man speaks of imposed labor, heaviness, restlessness and unfruiltfulness. No matter how long or who keep you under such yoke, the power of God is enough to break it in your life.

The Bible say: "The Lord of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand: That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: Then shall His yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders".  (Isaiah 14:24-25)

You are to kin to this promise of God in order to break the yoke of man in your life. Believe God, accept His invitation and engage in fervent prayer that will break the yoke.


1. Every yoke of man in my life break in the name of Jesus

2. In the capability of the Lord power, I destroy every forms of yoke of man in my business, job and work in the name of Jesus 

3. I am totally free from the bondage and affliction of man's yoke in the name of Jesus

4. The forces of man's yoke that is working against my success and breakthrough is hereby scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 

5. The yoke of man that cause delay of good things and fruitfulness in my life is hereby scatter and destroy by the thunder of God in Jesus name

6. Every blockage that caused by the yoke of man in man spiritual journey is hereby scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

7. As from today henceforth, I am a free child of God, no more affliction or frustration of any forms from the yoke of man in the name of Jesus 

8. I possess all my possessions that I have been took away through the yoke of man in the name of Jesus

9. O Lord, uproot the evil tree that have been planted by the yoke of man in the name of JESUS

10. Today is 25th day of February 2014, every 25th power working against your destiny id hereby die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 


  1. Anonymous24.2.14

    Ajisebutu Precious say:
    Daddy God wil continue 2 increase ur strength.mre power,mre grace,glory nd aniotin in jesus name.tnk u sir

  2. Anonymous25.2.14

    Mary Wanjiku Ngugi say:

  3. Anonymous25.2.14

    Eko Adebayo say:
    Hello pastor, i am a very happy always prayer you send to me, I prayed that God bless and be with you and your family and member of the church amen

  4. Anonymous25.2.14

    Margaret Idahosa say:
    God bless you.

  5. Anonymous25.2.14

    Adeyemi Oluwagbenga say:
    Sir,Am very impressive and happy on today topic you talked about and d bomb
    prayers points..o sir,i wish to see you sir..are you residing in Lagos
    sir?And at where your church is located?

  6. Anonymous25.2.14

    Adeyemi Oluwagbenga say:
    Amen!.i claim all this prophesy prayers and am free and breaks every yoke of man..In Jesus mighty name..(AMEN).

  7. Anonymous25.2.14

    Confidence Uweh say:
    Amen Amen Amen.Thank u father for breaking the yoke of men upon my life.

  8. Anonymous25.2.14

    Mary Monday say:

  9. Anonymous25.2.14

    Felix Aina say:
    Amen! In Jesus name!!

  10. Anonymous25.2.14

    Una Vermeulena say:
    Amen so true every 25 the evil is working my against me.

  11. Anonymous25.2.14

    Sandra Lemon say:
    I Received and decreed in Jesus name bless you bro and THANK YOU JESUS!

  12. Anonymous25.2.14

    Hendreta Russon say:
    In Jesus name Amen.

  13. Anonymous25.2.14

    Ojo Adegboyega say:
    AMEN In Jesus Name.


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