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BIBLE READING: Leviticus 2 vs 1-9

Once again, I welcome you to this year edition of FAIR HAVENS- A 14 Days Fasting and Prayer with the theme: uncommon favour. This year is a year that God is going to favour all the members of this ministry and everyone that is under our ministration either in physically, through phones, internet or publications of books, etc.

In Leviticus 26 vs 9, it is clearly stated that God spoke to the people of God that He will favour them more than expectation. With this verse of the Bible, it is a spoken word of God that has origin and tap root which no man can uproot.

It is guarantee of fulfilling destiny – Matthew 24:35. Your destiny fulfillment is sure when you are uncommon favor. God have proved it in the life of Daniel, Joseph, Noah, David, Mary, Elizabeth, Abel and others. 

Uncommon favour can grow in you. In other words, as you are growing, it can grow along with you. It has no age limit to operate. No matter how old you are, you can still experience uncommon favour without limits. Luke 2:52

Uncommon favour guarantees fruitfulness in marriage and your business/work – Luke 1:30-33. Once you are favour, barrenness will surely expire in your life and marriage as whole. When God favour Elizabeth, Rachael and Marry they all borne uncommon children.

Uncommon favour is open door of possibilities from impossibilities. There are many things that seems impossible to man and woman, but with uncommon favour it is highly possible without measure. Everything that seems impossible to you is surely possible when you are favour from God. It seems that the woman with issue of blood for 12 years cannot be healed since she had spent everything she has, and she has visited different places for solution to her problem, but all her efforts are vain. But uncommon day that bring uncommon favour to her, the uncommon healing happens in her life (Matthew 9 vs 19-22). 

Uncommon favor guarantees perfect protection at anywhere at any time – Genesis 6:8. Divine protection is sure for those that receive uncommon favour from God.

It gives room for fast and quick journey- where others find it difficult to breakthrough, a man with uncommon favour will easily breakthrough and get to where he is going without delaying.

It guarantees your acceptance before God and before men – Abel gifts was accepted – Genesis 4:4; Joseph was both favour in the prison – Genesis 39:21; Daniel in the presence of the King and in the Den of Lions – Daniel 6:18-ff

Promoted to place of honour - With uncommon favour, you can lives, sit, dinning and become friend to the great people at any given time – Daniel 6:1-3, Genesis 39:21, etc. That place of honor is yours this year because God is going to favour you without measure.

Dear friend, this year is your year of liberation, it is year of uncommon miracles in your marriage. God is ready to do uncommon thing for you, but you MUST ready to do the following:

Seek God first – it is mandatory for you to seek God first in your doing. God is the source and the ONLY one that can cause uncommon favour to you, therefore you muts put HIM first in your life. Proverbs 8:35, Matthew 6:33

Engaging in godly living- righteous man or woman is a person that will enjoying uncommon favour form God. No wicked man or woman will enjoy uncommon favour of God unless he or she repent, forsake and start lives a righteous life without blemish. Proverbs 12:2

Obedience to the principles of God – Proverbs 3:3-4. God’s principles are stated in the Bible, and you must follow them to letter. Disobedience is an obstacle to any success in life. No matter the situation or where you find yourself, make sure you practicing obedience on your daily basis. Joseph and Daniel received uncommon favour because they kin to God’s principles of living. Genesis 39:7-12, Daniel 1:8-9.

Through fervent inquiry from God – uncommon favour is something you can ask for. Many people asked for it in the Bible and God give them without measure. Numbers 6:22-25, Psalm 31:16, 67:1, 119:135, 80:3; Daniel 9:17.

Beloved, if truly you love yourself, and you desire to be favour; you MUST ready to participate in this 14 days prayer without stopping. 

1. Give thanks to God for making this year FAIR HAVENS a reality for you and others
2. Appreciate God for what HE has done through this ministry and what HE will does this year in the lives of the participants
3. Thank God for the uncommon favour HE has for you this year
4. Glorify the name of God for uncommon testimonies HE has for you in this year and years to come
5. Thanks God for HIS words and HIS power for your life
6. My God and my Father, today is the first day of this prayer, every power of failure in my prayer lives, receive fire and die in the name of Jesus
7. Today is the beginning of uncommon favour in my life and ministry in Jesus name
8. The end has come to every living without favour in my life in Jesus name
9. The padlock of the devil that locked mu uncommon favor is break by thunder of God today in the name of Jesus
10. I will be the first person to shout uncommon Testimony in this program this year in Jesus name.


  1. Anonymous1.2.14

    Ok sir,I pray for more grace as you move on in ministry,God will continue to enlarge and expand your ministry in Jesus name. From Adebowal Abosede Williams

  2. Anonymous1.2.14

    Dear Pastor Mike, I have problems with dreams. I do eat in the dream,and if I dream I do not remember. Which prayers should I pray?

    1. PRAY these prayers Bombs: Read Psalm 18, 35 and 91 before you pray the prayers:

      1. I vomit every food that I have eaten in the dream in Jesus name.

      2. Every evil hands that is feeding me in the dream die by fire and thunder of God

      3. The source of my eating in dream, receive the destructive power of God.

      4. Every calabas of the devil use to feed me in the dream break by thunder of God

      5. every seed of failure, barrenness, sickness that have planted into my life through eating in the dream, be uprooted by fire of God

      6. Evil covenant that been working against my life through eating in the dream is break by the Blood of Jesus in my life

      7. As from today, any forces and agent of Satan that assigned to be feed me in the dream, die by thunder of God in Jesus name

    2. Anonymous1.2.14

      Dear Sir, Thank you for the prayer bombs. Since I prayed them, I never dream eat in the dream again. Temilade

  3. Anonymous1.2.14

    Man of God happy new month. From Joshua Bassey

  4. Anonymous1.2.14

    Thanks sir for accepting. ,,it has really being a spiritual battle and struggling in my life for the past two years now. but all the dame I thank God for saving my life and that of my family in the inferno dat happens 4th 2012, the same day my wife put to birth and was still in the hospital, the fire which started 2am when I was deep asleep in d bedroom rocks my entire apartment and render me homeless, I was later arrested by the house owner and made me sold my car to give her 500,000naira as compensation. sir since that inferno. have been struggling with life and I managed to rent other apartment and furnish it but after expiration of six months rent I paid, things became worst and collapse that I end up selling d little property I manage to buy after d fire to feed. now its become so worst that I felt am be tormented from wicked force from my family and I am currently in Ghana without my lovely family. it happens early last month that my wife dream and told me about it, that in the dream she saw a trailer fully loaded with money and my name was boldly written on it hut it was covered with black cloth and I was struggling to take d money but couldn't and a voice spoken to her in the dream that if I fast for 21 days I will uncover this black cloth and take my money.when she told me about this dream, I was again discourage by the devil that i can't fast hence I will fall sick,then i ignored it. but yesterday I took a bold decision to commence the fast today and stern my morning prayer today When i llogin to my fb, I saw your post and it ignite it more and gave me hope to continue this battle. I decide to send your friends request. please sir keep me in your prayer. my prayer request are.

    1, prayer against promise and fail,

    2, prayer against unfit garment of shame, disgrace and reproach.

    4, limitation to finance, ,,,,,God bless you sir as you put me & my family in your prayer. from Comrade Victor O Aganmwonyi

    1. MY Brother, whatever that has happened to you, God has way to get you out of it. and you can only get out of all this mess with completion of the bold step of 21 days fasting and prayer you started yesterday.

      By the grace of God, i will join you in the prayer and the battle will be yours in Jesus name.

      I too have experienced lost of all properties to fire in Nov 28 2008 through Mayhem that erupted our church by then. but today to God glory, i have my own personal house now with car.

      Secondly, last year May 20th my car got an accident a woman with her 8 month old baby died instantly, but today, God put smile to my face in 7th of January this year will gift of a new car from the person that was not my church member. that God will surely do your own before the end of this month.

      what i just see in you now is that, Satan used disobedience to hold you captivity. but that padlock is break today in the name of Jesus.

    2. Anonymous1.2.14

      Amen and Amen......thanks sir. I will need you to post to me daily prayer point. I am already praying with today's own. God bless you sir. This is my email:

    3. Add these prayer bombs to your daily prayer for 21 days.: 1. Every darkness garments assigned from the pity of hell to cover my glory and destiny, i render you useless with thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

      2. Every hands that clothes me with evil garment die by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

      3. . Every enemies from my family and my in-law that joined hands together to put on evil garment on me, ny destiny, my money and my blessing, receive judgement of God today with thunder in the name of Jesus.

      4. Every spiritual garment of the devil attached to your marriage on your wedding day is here by render down by thunder and fire of God in Jesus name

    4. Anonymous1.2.14

      Okay sir......thank you. am so happy having you here. Comrade Victor

  5. Anonymous1.2.14

    Stephanie Mullings from Jamaica.
    This prayer and fasting will break the chains of unproductivity and release uncommon favour, divine favour in the lives of all who participates.

    1. Amen and amen in Jesus name, thanks


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