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One of the greatest tragedy that is happening on daily basis is untimely death. A family may wake up on the morning have hope of coming back in the evening, but on the way got an accident. Sudden death is NOT your portion, and that is why you must pray these prayers bullets.

As you end this week today, I pray that sudden death will not come your way.

I come against every spirit of untimely death following you or any member of your family.

Every book of untimely death that is open for you and your family is hereby closed by thunder and fire of God.

As you going out today, accident will not be your portion in Jesus name.

As your board Plane or Ship, your plane will NOT crash, and your ship will NOT sink in Jesus name.

I declare that death will not see you, even if its sees you, it will not recognize you, even if its recognize you, it will not touch you any where you go this year.

Every mark of death on that road that you want to pass through is hereby terminate and wash away by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Untimely death is not your portion in this New Year 2014 in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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