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Read Luke 1:57-66

It is a normal thing for pregnant woman to deliver her baby when the appointed time is set. It is compulsory for anyone that is pregnant to deliver the baby in her Womb. When the set time of God comes, Elizabeth delivered a baby boy. Not ordinary child but a destined child that is useful to God, valuable to the parent and to the entire world. So also to you what you’re going to conceive and be delivered after today prayer is a miracle that swallows miracles. Things that you have desired to achieve or possess since you are born, since your graduation, since your marriage will surely come to fulfillment after today’s prayer.

Vs 57: Nothing can stop you anymore. The God of all possibilities is ready to conquer all impossibilities in your life – He does it for Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Zaccheus, etc. Your own is not different. Today is God set time for you to be heal from your sickness; today is the set time for you to receive that appointment letter to your new office; It is God set time for you to be pregnant and after 9 months you will deliver your baby. It is God set time for you to be promoted; It is God set time for you to be admitted to University, Polytechnics, and that your propose school; It is set time of God to set you free from bondage of darkness that have kept you bond. It is God’s set time for you to be connected with your wife/husband; It is set time of God for you to purchase the car that you are aiming at; It is God’s set time for you to build that your dream house…; It is God’s set time to achieve all your aim, goals and dream.

What You Must Do:
But your set time can come to reality when you surrender your total life to Jesus Christ. You must allow God to take control of you life as from this moment, and you start this by confession all your sins and repent from it all. Luke 13:3-5.

Then pray these prayers
O Lord my God, the marvelous things that will make thousands of people to celebrate with me, God do it in Jesus name.

The great things that people will hear and cause them to shout Hallelujah mighty God do it in my life today.

Those who are happy with me and those who are not happy with me, what will make both of them to congratulate me O Lord, do it in my business, life this day in Jesus name.

That problem that people had known me with, O Lord, terminate the problem in my life today so that they can celebrate with me in Jesus name.

O Lord, let today be the set time of my promotion in Jesus name.

O Lord my God, let today 27 – 01 – 2011 be the set time of my deliverance from this problem (Mention your problem) e.g barrenness, failure, etc. in Jesus name.

As you make a day the set time of Elizabeth to delivered a special baby boy, O lord my God, let today be the set time for me to deliver my vision – dream in the name of Jesus.

My God and my Lord, in Jesus name make today a remarkable history day of celebration to my life.

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