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The Bible is a history of methods by which God communicated to man and the response of mankind to the voice of God.  This teaching will examines the Biblical record to discover the methods by which God communicates to man, and how He can communicate with you. In order words, I will like you to know and understand how God can speak to you, hear His voice at any given time. It is my desire to start teaching us on a Topic: "HOW GOD SPEAKS TO MAN".
As we all know, the most general way that God speaks to man is through His Word - the Holy Bible. God speaks to man through His written Word.  God does not need to speak to you concerning things already revealed in the Scriptures.  When God uses other methods to communicate, they will never conflict with His written Word.

When God speaks through His written words, it is reliable, it is true, it is flawless, it is alive and active, it is eternal and it will endure (2Samuel 7:28, I Kgs 17:24, John 17:17, Prov 30:5, Hebrews 4:12, Ps.119:89, Matt.5:18, 24:35).

What You Should Do With the Written Word of God?

Firstly, Study and Meditate it:
The greatest way to hear God speaks to you through His written words is meditating and study the HOLY BIBLE on daily basis (Joshua 1:8-9). GOD speaks to you on every time you study and meditate in the word of GOD. Therefore, make it your daily responsibilities to study and meditate in HIS WRITTEN WORD called HOLY BIBLE.

Secondly, Accept it:
You cannot only study and mediate in the word of God, you must accept it as the WORD OF GOD. Many theologians and Christians see the word of God as written word of men. But you as person who desire to understand the voice of God must 100% accept is as the Word of God send to you in order to understand His voice. (Mark 4:20, Acts 2:41, 1 Thess 2:13).

Thirdly, You Must Trust in it:
To trust means to rely on. Trust the word of God as the only word you have to lives forever. To trust the word of God means to believe that the word can do everything for you as long as you accept it. Psalm 119:42

Fourthly, You must Praise it and lives according to it: (Ps 56:4, 10; 119:9)

Fifthly, You Must Obey it:
Another thing you must do with the Written Word of God is obeying it. Obey it to the fullness is a must in order to profits and bless through HIS Word. (Ps 119:17, 67, James 1:22-24. Obeying the word and the voice of God is the most important thing that God require from every Christian. Any Christian that refuses to obey the word and voice of God is in the danger list and nothing good will be receiving from God than condemnation.
For instance, when the Israelite disobeys God, God forsook them and hand over them unto enemies. When king Saul disobey God, God did not speak to him anymore. At the end, God took away the position and thinks given to him. (Judges 2:1-5; 1 Samuel 13:11-15, 28:5-7).

Doing all the above will not only make and cause you to hear the Voice of God and understand His voice, but it will also open door of blessings, possibilities and leads you to eternal life that have been planned and destined for you (James 1:22-24). Be blessed!

1.   Thank God for given you grace to heard this message
2.   Sing songs that can motivate your spirit
3.   Confess all your sins mostly, sin of disobedience
4.   Ask for the Holy Spirit of God to fill you
5.   My God my Lord, every spirit of disobedience in me, cast out by fire of God in Jesus name
6.   As from today henceforth, I dissociate myself from the spirit of disobedience in Jesus name
7.   In the name of Jesus Christ, I receive the Spirit of obedience
8.   As from today henceforth, I will obey the word of God and the voice of God in Jesus name
9.   Any power that hinder me to do the will of God paralyze in Jesus name
10.                 Devil you a liar, I will not obey you anymore, rather I will obey my God, my Lord and my Creator in Jesus name
11.                 In Jesus name, I will obedience lives to the fullness of God
12.                 I will not fail anymore, I will not fail God and I will continue to lives a successful life in Jesus name

13.                 Thanks you God, thank you Jesus for answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray, amen.

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