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Bible Reading: Luke 1:26-38, 2 CORINTHIANS 6:2
Favour is defined as “an act of kindness, approval, good will.
Life does not answer to struggle or academic qualifications. Life answers to favor. A person either enjoys favor or he swims in misfortune. Favor is what distinguishes God’s people from the world.
When you are led by God, your labour is flavored with favor and the effect is outstanding and remarkable. Psalm 30:5 says: “…in His favor is life…” God’s favor makes life interesting and pleasant; it’s the grace of that enables one to escape disgrace in life. Favor is linked to the mystery key that opens up destinies. It is God’s willingness for generous treatment and exceptional kindness to someone special. It is good hand of God upon the life of an individual.
Favor can also be described as God’s divine partiality towards a person. Therefore, you don’t earn favor, you obtain it. A case in point is Jacob and Esau (Romans 9:13). In Nehemiah 1:8, though Nehemiah was a slave yet because of God’s hand upon him, he obtained favor from the king to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

There are several important of favor, among are:
1.   Favor guarantees supernatural prosperity. Exodus 12:35-36.
2.   It commits people to go beyond their natural power to help the favored of the Lord. It is an irresistible force that propels people to render needed help. Daniel 1:9.
3.   Favor deliver what labour cannot give- Deut. 6:10-12
4.   We need favor to get a good wife or any other good thing as the case maybe. Proverbs 18:22.

Since favor cannot be bought or acquired, it is important to position ourselves correctly for this free gift of God.
1.    Be righteous. Psalm 5:12. Joseph was favored by his father because he was not go into evil deeds like his brothers. Genesis 37:2. Jesus was favor because He does what it pleases His Father. John 8:29. Jesus had favor with GOD and man from the beginning of His life-Luke 2:52.
2.     Don’t forsake Mercy and Truth. Proverbs 3:3-4 In simple understanding, show mercy to others and God will favor you.
3.   Do Good. Proverbs 12:2. Favor follows anyone that is divinely guided and the currency to it is right standing with God.

Note: In today’s prayer, you are to call the name of Jesus 3times before you say your prayer.
1.         As from today O Lord, let your favor continuing to be upon my life in Jesus name.
2.         As from today O Lord my God, let me obtain your favor in all area of my life. Genesis 18:3
3.         Let people experience changes through your favor in my life. Genesis 30:27
4.         In the sights of everyman, O Lord let me found your favor, in Jesus name. Genesis 39:20-21
5.         Everything that I desire to achieve but I found them difficult to do, O Lord my God uses your favor to do them for, in Jesus name.
6.         All the door of favor that had been closed against me, are open today in the name of Jesus.
7.         The entire good thing that had been hidden from me to achieve or obtain, I claim them with the favor of God in Jesus name.
8.         With the mercy of God, I obtain favor today in Jesus name.
9.         My God, as from today made great people in the high places favorably dispose towards me in Jesus name. Exodus 11:3
10.   In my examinations, or promotion exams, O God, let me receive your favor so that I can have excellent results in Jesus name.
11.   As you favor Mary and she gave birth to the world Saviour, O Lord Give me your favor so that I can have a special baby that will proclaim the Glory of God in the world in Jesus name.
12.   All my sins that can hinder me to obtain the favor of God, O God my Lord, use Your favor to remove them with precious Blood of Jesus Christ, in Jesus name.
13.   The house that I desire to build, the car that I aim to ride and the position I dream to be, O Lord let me obtain your favor so that it can be possible for me to achieve them all in Jesus name.
14.   The foundation of destiny that had been destroy, O God of Israel, use your favor to repair it for me in Jesus name.
15.   Call the name of Jesus Christ 3 times, O Lord; open the door of favour unto me in Jesus name.
16.   A from today, my Lord and my father grant me favour and life in Jesus name. Job 10:12.
17.   The favour that will terminate all misfortune in my life I receive it in the name of Jesus.
18.   O Lord my God, as from today henceforth, surrounds me with your favour as with a shield in Jesus Christ name.
19.   O Lord my God, let today be the set time to favour me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ – Psalm 102 :13.
20.   O Lord my God, in the name of Jesus let me continue to grow in status and in your favour. 1 Samuel 2:26.
21.   In the name of Jesus Christ, if there is anything that hindered me to be favour, O Lord removes it with your favour in the name of Jesus Christ.
22.   All the door of favour that had been close against me, is open with the favour of God in the name of Jesus.
23.   As from today henceforth, O Lord causes people to favour me in all my ways in the name of Jesus Christ. Acts 2:47.
24.   In the name of Jesus Christ, my God and my Father let your goodness and favour follow me as from today henceforth.
25.   All powers and spirit that are stealing my favour, you are arrest by the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ.
26.   This project that I found difficult to do since all these days, Lord helps me to do it easily with your favour in the name of Jesus.
27.   The favour that will cause me to excel in my academic, marital, home, business, God endowed me in the name of Jesus.
28.   As from today, anywhere I go, I receive favour of God and men in the name of Jesus Christ.
29.   O Lord, let it please you to favour me every angle of my life in the name of Jesus Christ.
30.   Your envelopes: O Lord my creator let me receive your favour on everything that I wrote in this envelop in the name of Jesus Christ.
31.   O Lord, let your favour bring out testimony in me in the name of Jesus.
32.   O Lord, let your favour give me the Joy of victory in the name of Jesus Christ. Luke 1: 44.
33.   O Lord my God, in the name of Jesus, let your favour do what is difficult to believe in my life.

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