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God the Creator of the heaven and the earth has a Master Plan for the entire world. Each man born to this world has a place in God's Master Plan. Declaration of who we are is the greatest thing we can do at a right time in order to achieve who we are in God's plan. The world can call you who you are not; it is left for you to confess and declare who you are to them. There are many names people like to call you, it is left for you to reject these names and make your real name known to them. The greatest testimony you can make about yourselves is confessing who you are to the world.

Confess who you are to the world, don't accept what they call or the name given to you from them. Accept only the name God given to you in His Master plan. Don't allow your situation, your circumstance or the pressure of the people to intimate you to confess who you are not. John the Baptist did not allowed any pressure or any circumstance or any situation to make him accept who is not and confess wrong thing about himself. He did not allow the present situation of his time to deny who he is. Because of food, wine, clothes, money, position, social lives and worldly enjoyment had make millions of people deny who they are in God's Master plan. They allow these mire things to enslave them and end up victimize. 

No matter the situation or circumstance or problem that you are passing through now, be known to you that you are a king of your nation, god of your generation, and royal priesthood of your family (Psalms 82:6, John 10:34, 1 Peter 2:9). That is what God call you in his Master Plan. Don't forget that, either a king has money or not, he remains a king. Either he has house or not he remains king. Either he was handicap or not he remains a king. Without you, your world is in doom.

You're the light and the salt to your world, without you, your world will be in darkness and sadness. You're where you are now in order to give your world light and make their environment sweet.

Finally, success in life is heavily hinged on us being who we are. You must value yourselves, see yourself as original and never see yourself as inferior or photocopy to anybody. Without you, your world is in doom. Thereby, rise up, confess who you are to the entire world that you are a son of the living God. Thanks and remain bless.

1. Every evil chain, pulling me away, at the point of my breakthrough, break forever, in the name of Jesus.
2. Oh God, arise and put my enemies to shame with the rod of iron, in the name of Jesus.
3. I invoke the weapon of the bow and steel to scatter the camp of the enemy, in the name of Jesus.
4. I invoke the weapon of bow and steel to return every arrow of the enemy to the sender, in the name of Jesus
5. I will never stop until I have reached my goal, in Jesus’ name.
6. O rod of iron, dash in pieces every company of the wicked boasting against my God, in the name of Jesus.


  1. Anonymous16.7.13

    1. O Lord, you are the judge of all the earth; let your righteous judgement overturn every satanic judgement against my life in the name of Jesus.
    2. Every satanic audience asking for my downfall, receive the fire of God and be scattered in Jesus' name.
    3. Every evil vehicle conveying my enemies to their place of meeting, catch fire and burn to burn ashes in Jesus' name.

  2. Anonymous16.7.13

    Thanks for this timely message and prayers. God bless you


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