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The meaning:
The voice of self is a voice of man talking to himself. A situation where you express your opinion and influence decisions to yourself. These decision or opinion is become aware of inside yourself. These decision or opinions are thoughts of your heart. This thought is your voice.

This thought is in 2 forms, positive & negative. Each has separate influence in someone's life. Millions of Christian built their daily life on self voice which had led to wrong destination.

The facts about Voice Self:
1/10 of voice self is positive while 9/10 is negative. Each man possesses 50,000 thoughts during a day.
Your thoughts determine your action and your action is your character
Proverbs 23:7,Genesis 6:5-6. Your thoughts are your altitude.
Is either your voice prosper your or perish you.
2 Samuel 4:10. Many futures had been destroyed, while many goals had been hinder. 2 Samuel 1:1ff, Romans 8:6.
Every human being has thoughts within himself. Pastor, Prophet, Elder, Students, etc. You may have a negative thoughts e.g. Abraham a prophet man of faith, feared of God, intercessor, obedient man, built altar for God, etc but his thoughts his negative to people and to himself-
Genesis 20:2, 10, 11. He thoughts that there is no fear of God in the city. But the King proved that there is fear God.
Robert Cooper, a researcher suggests that every one of our thoughts affects each of our cells.
Self voice is condemns.

Characteristics of self voice/thought:

1. Worrying about things that cannot be controlled Abraham
2. Rushing to judgment Abraham
3. Overreacting - Abraham
4. Neglecting areas of control e.g.- Jonah
5. Giving up too soon Jonah 4
6. Result in condemn & destroy the whole family, nations.

Before our thoughts can be acceptable or be a good thought:
1. Become a righteous
Proverbs 12:5. Cultivate the mind of Christ Philippians 2:5. Righteous delight in God's word daily Psalms 1:2
2. Have thoughts of God things
Philippians 4:8.
3. Be a friend and lover of the Bible
Ps 119:148, 143:5. The only way to properly your thoughts in God's will is daily meditating in the word of God. The word of God is a medicine for soul, mind & heart.
4. Washing your heart daily in prayers. Confession the word of faith always. Let it become your habit.
5. Be fill and dwelling with the Holy Spirit.
Romans 8:4-11.

A man said "Our thoughts can lead us as low as hell and our thoughts can take us as high heaven. If we think the thoughts of God, we can walk with Him to heaven. But if we think the thoughts of devil or the fallen men, we may gradually fall into hell". No one is available to caution your thoughts except yourself, it is either you prosper with your thoughts or it perishes you. Be wise!

1.    O LORD, give me and all those participating in this program dreams, visions and revelations that will move our lives forward in Jesus’ name.
2.      O LORD, manifest your mercy and power concerning my staff of bread in the name of Jesus.
3.      It is written: I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. Ministering angels of the Living God, hearken to the word of God now and bring us divine ideas that will prosper our lives in Jesus’ mighty name.
4.       O LORD, give unto the angels conveying our blessings overcoming divine assistance to bring our portion speedily in Jesus’ name.

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