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The Seven Prayer Killers

The Seven Prayer KillersJames 5:16
Your life can be transform and reach its potentials through prayer. Much will be accomplished in your work and your family through the work of prayer. But it is a sad news for a Christian to engage himself in fervent prayer of days but resulted in negative results, that is no answer to the major things he pray for. The major reason for our prayer not answer is a result of prayer killers.

In my research so far, I have found that there are 7 very common blocks to effective prayer partners. I call them killers because they take away all power from our prayers and hinder our relationship with God. Our relationship with God and our prayer life function in a way very similar to how car did to battery. As long as there is not anything in the way blocking our connection to God, we have unlimited power, but when we allow junk to come between us and God, we’re dead in the water. And no matter how hard or how often we trun the key in prayer we have no power.

The best way to keep from having spiritual junk hindering your prayer life is to avoid it. If you find that one or more of these prayer killers apply to you, confess them to God and ask for his forgiveness to reestablish your connection with him.

1. Unconfessed sin; ps 66:18, Jer 31:34 
Our God is perfect and can’t abide with sin in us. If we knowing tolerate sin in our lives, it pushes God away from us, as a result of that it makes our prayers powerless.

2. Lack of Faith Heb 11:6, James 1:5-8. 
Without faith we cannot please God. And without faith, our prayer is meaningless. For us to enjoy God in fullness, we must walk with Him in journey of faith. Lack of faith has an incredibly negative impact on a Christian’s life, without faith prayer has no power to bring result.

3. Disobedience I John 3:21-23, Isaiah 1:19 
If we are to grow in our relationship with God and become strong in prayers, we must learn to obey. Obedience is key that open door for our prayer to be effective and bring positive result at a particular period of time.

4. Un-forgiveness Matthew 6:14-15 
Forgiveness is a must for every Christian in order to get answer to their prayers. To forgive is divine, not to forgive is human. When you refuse to forgive your friend that offend you, you are hurting yourself; because your lack of forgiveness can take hold of you and make you bitter. As a Christian, you cannot enter prayer with bitterness and come out with blessings. Jesus said, you should first go and reconcile with your fellow, then come back and lay down your prayers. Forgiveness allows your heart to be made not only right but light.

5. Wrong Motives Proverbs 23:7, James 4:3 
When you ask and you do not receive, it’s because of your wrong motives. Wrong motives will only and always produces negative result for our prayers. In order to maintain a positive, joyful and happiness motives, you must change your thoughts, actions and speaking words. As long as you remaining in wrong motives as you hold your prayer in captivity.

6. Disregard for others Psalm 33:13, John 13:34
A writer said, “God perspective is expansive”. God loves everyone, and He desires us to care for others in the same way. When a Christian disregards others, it grieves God. One of the added benefits of prayer is that it helps you learn to love others. It’s impossible for a person to hate or criticize someone they are praying for. Prayer breeds compassion not competition.

7. Un-surrendered to the will of God John 15:7 
Developing an effective prayer life depends on how we surrender our lives to our Creator. A prayerful Christian whose will is surrendered to God has a relationship with Him and the result is great fruitfulness. One of the great benefits for a Christian that surrendered his will to God is answering and granting his or her request. It is a promise from God (Jeremiah 33:3).

As long as a Christian allows himself to rules with any of the above mentions, his prayer remain un-answer and this can result of living meaningless life.

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