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Effective prayer is necessary in the home. There is no need of prayer if we cannot make it effective. Because prayer that is not effective is wasting a time and wasting the resources. If our prayer is going to be effective, we have many things to do. Each couple should find time for these ingredients so that their family prayer will not going in vain but fulfill the purpose.

If our prayer is going to be effective we must do the following:

1. Repent all known and unknown sins Matthew 4:17. Sin will never allow our prayer to be answer. All couples should be sincere and repents all their sins and forsake them. Wife should not hide her sin from husband and also husband should not hide his own.

2. Pray in unity Matthew 18:19. United in prayer is a force that makes prayer answer quickly. It is a serious matter to be united in spirit for the effectiveness of any prayer you render at home.

3. Pray in faith Mark 9:23. No matter how serious we are in prayer without believing in that the prayer had been answer, all is useless. Your faith in God should be the same. No one should doubt.

4. Pray in love and harmony. Let your love manifest in your prayer life. A life without agape love is useless and fruitless life indeed.

5. Pray with expectation. Expect something unique from God through your prayer.

6. Using the Scriptures to pray. Backup your prayer with the word of God. Speak the word, proclaim it and claim it in your prayers.

7. Praying to God in Jesus name. The only name given to us to pray is the wonderful name of Jesus. Satan hears the name and fell. Sickness hears the name and died. Dead hear the name and come back to life.

8. Live a righteous life. A prayer of the righteous shall be granted. A family that faithful to God in tithe, worship, service and in all things we surely see the results of their prayer. 

1. The power of unity that will make our prayer effective O Lord, give it to us
2. Every sources of evil deeds that make us lives a life that hindered prayer, God use your Blood to close it.
3. Every dominion power that rule over our prayer life is destroy in Jesus name.
4. As from today henceforth, my marriage is losing from bondage of prayer killers.
5. All hands that joined together to hinder my prayer life is cut off in Jesus name.
6. All the answers to my family prayers that had been hide in the pity of darkness are restore back to me in Jesus name.

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